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Cherry MX Silver

  • Linear
  • 45cN force
  • MX stem
  • Cherry
  • 1.40mm pre travel
  • 3.40mm travel
A light, linear keyswitch, with the same actuation as the Red Cherry MX; However, it has a shorter actuation distance and travel distance.

User Reviews

January 10, 2021
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 9
  • Balance 9
My gaming performance improved noticeably when switching from roamer g switches to Cherry MX Speed Silvers. Very, very happy with them. They feel excellent paired with double shot pbt keycaps. Typing is great, but if that's your priority I'd advise going with the reds instead as these can be sensitive at times. Nothing that one can't get used to but require more forethought.
December 30, 2020
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 7
  • Balance 8
These switches are so sensitive, the first time I tried to type with these I kept having random letters poping because my fingers was kind of scratching the surface of the keyboard going from one key to another. You get used to it very fast and the reward is priceless. You can type not even pressing the key if you're good enough ! Awesome switches for gaming especially, confortable for typing.
December 22, 2020
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 8
  • Balance 9
I think these are the perfect switches for me. I don't have a hard time typing on these at all.
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Cherry MX Silver thumb
Cherry MX Silver thumb
Cherry MX Silver thumb
Cherry MX Silver thumb