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Kailh BOX Brown

  • Tactile
  • 50cN force
  • MX stem
  • Kailh

User Reviews

August 18, 2021
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 7
  • Balance 8
Great for gaming, although I prefer lower profile (which are really hard to find). Nice for typing but pretty loud on my GMMK TKL w/ Black Aura V2 keycaps. Overall very nice, though.
February 10, 2021
  • Gaming 10
  • Typing 8
  • Balance 8
For gaming, this is the perfect switch due to how light it is. It's small tactile bump is just enough to where you do not accidentally actuate the key during play, which I personally like more than linear keys like box Red or box Black. For typing, I typically prefer clicky switches, like traditional blues, but these are actually great for long periods of typing because they're actuation force fee
January 17, 2020
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 8
  • Balance 9
Very nice compromise between gaming and typing. The light tactile bump right at the top helpd to prevent typos and gives a nice feedback. But it is not too heavy so that it does not slow you down when playing fast paced FPS. For me the best universal Switch out there right now.
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