Creator Application

Creator Application Earn money. Grow your brand.

Creator Benefits
  • Earn commissions with links & your Creator Code.
  • Cross-promote your content on one clean page.
  • Showoff your brand to MK customers and get more followers.
  • Easy 3 minute Page setup. MK's APIs handle updates for you.
What type of Creator are you?
Content Creator
You create digital content like videos, live streams, websites, or podcasts.
Examples include esports athletes, tech reviewers, video producers, musicians, writers, artists, and community builders.
Peripheral Creator
You create or design keyboards, accessories, mice, controllers, or DIY components related to high end peripherals.
Examples include keyboard and PCB designers, keycap artisans, cable makers, and firmware engineers.
Creator Organization
You are an authorized agent for an organization built to support a collection of Creators.
Organization examples include esports teams, online communities, agencies, and artist groups.
Read the Creator Applicant FAQ to learn more.
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