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Creator Spacebar Event

August - December 2021

Support your favorite participating Creator at checkout now through December to be automatically entered for a chance to win their exclusive signed spacebar!

How does it work? | Participating Creators | FAQs

How does it work?

Support a participating Creator at checkout by using their Creator Code now through December. Your name will be automatically entered into a monthly drawing for one of the spacebars signed by the Creator you supported. If you win, MK will confirm your acceptance by email and ship you the exclusive spacebar!


How many signed spacebars are available?
Each participating Creator has (5) signed spacebars. MK will pick one lucky supporter for each participating Creator to receive one signed spacebar every month through December.
What happens if I win?
MK will email you to let you know you won. Once you confirm your acceptance, we will ship the signed spacebar to the address at which you placed your original order. Be sure to confirm your acceptance within 7 calendar days or we will re-roll the spacebar for another supporter.
Do multiple orders increase my chance of winning?
No. Placing multiple orders does not increase a supporter's chance to win.
Does my name stay in the pool for the length of the Event?
Yes. If you support a participating Creator in September and don't win that month's drawing, your name will remain in the eligible pool for each monthly drawing through December.
Can I win twice for the same Creator?
No. Winning supporters are removed from future drawings for that Creator but are still eligible for any other participating Creators they supported during the event.
Are International Customers eligible?
Yes. MK will ship to any valid order address worldwide.
Can I buy a Creator spacebar?
No. Creator spacebars - signed and unsigned - are not available for purchase.
Are pre-orders eligible for entry?
Yes, unshipped orders are eligible. We'll include the spacebar in the box for any pre-order winners.
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