MK Creator FAQs

MK Creator FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MK Creator Hub?

The MK Creator Hub is a platform built to support content and peripheral creators. Earn commissions for MK orders placed with your creator code. Feature content from all your social platforms on One Page. Connect with supporters, brands, and other Creators through a unique platform designed for you.

What is the current state of the Creator Hub?

The MK Creator Hub is in early-release. Your patience is appreciated as we work to process creator applications, increase stability, process payments, and add features to the platform. Spotted a bug? Please let us know.

Are more Creator Hub features coming?

Yes! We have a ton of exciting features planned.
New features take time to develop, but we have some great ideas we're doing our best to implement as quickly as possible. Stay tuned!

Why do I have to sign in to a platform for MK to add it?

Signing in to your platform (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc) channel does two major things:
  • Proves you own the channel.
  • Gives MK read only permissions to fetch your channel's content using our API.

  • MK requests bare minimum permissions to get publicly visible information about your channel. It is important to note that these permissions give MK no control over or access to your channel. With one exception for Twitch, where we request one additional permission to build leaderboards, the permissions requested to all platforms give us read-only-access to information that could be looked up by anyone clicking on your channel's public webpage.

    This is easy to confirm: when you are prompted to login, the platform lists the permissions MK's API is requesting. If you still have questions or concerns, we're happy to help answer them.
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