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Mechanical Keyboard FAQs Frequently asked questions about mechanical keyboards.

Are Mechanical Keyboards worth the price?

By ShakeR, February 24, 2012

Yes, all keyboards, regardless of build quality or switch type, serve the same obvious function. So if the output functionality is identical, is it worth paying up to five times more for a Mechanical Keyboard?

Note: the following is more of a philosophical argument than a technical one. See other 5,000+ articles online for technical arguments in favor of mechanical keyboards.

How often do you type?

Stop and consider how much time you actually spend sitting down (or standing) and typing. Odds are it's a considerable amount. Do you want to spend such a significant portion of your life interacting with an inferior product?

For the price of a nice dinner out, you can purchase an amazing piece of hardware you will use nearly everyday of your life.

How much did your computer cost?

It's ironic how many people will suffer through typing on a free or next-to-free membrane keyboard plugged into a $1,000+ computer. Your keyboard and mouse are the 'tires' of your computer. They connect PC to user like tires connect car to road. Using a membrane keyboard on a nice machine is like slapping Goodride tires on your new Porsche. Not cool!

Mechanical keyboards are yet another outstanding proof of the "you get what you pay for" axiom. Go mechanical! Your fingers will thank you.

- Happy typing