Varmilo VA87M Mac White LED TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Varmilo VA87M Mac Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver



  • White LED Primary LEDs: White
  • White LED Control LEDs: White

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorWhite
Primary LED ColorWhite
Control LED ColorWhite
USB Key Rollover6
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.28" x 14.02" x 1.30"
Weight2.00 lbs

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  • This keyboard is a dream to type on! The MX Browns are awesome, and I also use MX silent reds for another keyboard so it really comes down to your preference.
    If you peruse the online manual for this keyboard through Varmilo's website,
    You may notice someone named Danny in another review said you have to use FN arrow keys to change backlighting and the "brightness" icons don't work. That is because even through this is a mac-focused keyboard, it defaults in windows mode. I suspect they just use the same PCB but design the keycaps differently.
    1. Hold FN A keys for 3 seconds until the CAPS LOCK flashes. A is for apple. FN W is for Windows.
    That's it.
    All your function keys (such as the keyboard backlight icons on the F row keys) will work!
    The backlighting is really nice, since you have the thick PBT keycaps, it doesn't shine through the keycaps so it's a nice, more subtle underglow rather than lighting the whole keyboard up. I would prefer the dye-sub over transparent letters.
    Works great with my 2017 MBP and it comes with a key puller and a USB-C to USB adapter for your convenience. It honestly feels like a solid keyboard and i will be daily-driving this for some time to come.

  • This is a fantastic keyboard. I got the silent reds, and they are a dream. I absolutely love this keyboard! It's nice a low profile and the keycaps are fantastic. The only, extremely minor, issue I have is the way the F5 and F6 don't seem to manage the backlighting even though they have the icons for it. Turns out you have to us FN and the arrow keys Up/Down/Right to manage the backlight. Very cool, once you understand that part. This is such a great keyboard. I also own a Keychron K8, with the Gateron Browns, and even though I like a lot of the features like wireless, RGB, etc, the Varmilo wins for shear typing pleasure. Because in the end, that's what I bought it for.

  • I got this keyboard a couple days ago. Feels nice and solid, looks well built. However, already the right Shift key is sticking if I hit it anywhere but the precise middle of it, SOMETIMES INADVERTENTLY CAUsing me to keep typing as if caps lock were on. Spacebar also feels gummy, and while it doesn't stick, it sometimes doesn't activate the keypress when I hit it.

    I got blue switches, which feel drastically different from the blues I have on my Das and on my MAX Keyboards. They feel gummy and harder to press overall. May take some getting used to, and I'll give it a fair go for a couple months. But so far, meh.

  • The keyboard has one big problem: It has a very pronounced, loud ping. This happens to every single key, not just a few specific ones. In fact, I shouldn't associate the ping with the keys, because the ping comes from the big heave metal plate resonating with every knock on the keyboard. So even a gentle tap on the keyboard, anywhere, causes metal plate to ring. So I believe the usual recommendation of lubing the springs in the switches won't help. The root cause is that the plate, together with the PCB board and the bottom case forms a perfect resonance chamber.
    I tried varies ways to mitigate, like putting the keyboard on a folded cloth, on different surfaces like a Yoga mat, on different desks. These methods help to various extend, but cannot reduce the ping to a degree that I cannot notice it anymore.
    The keycaps has some texture, but to me the texture is not very nice to touch. The surface of each keycap is also on the small side, comparing to standard stock Apple keyboards.

  • I replaced my WASD keyboard with cherry whites with a VA87M keyboard with cherry browns. The VA feels way tighter, heavier, less creaky in the body, and overall higher end. The PBT keycaps are a joy over ABS. It supports switching between Mac and Win easily with a Fn key combo. Super happy!

  • This is my favorite keeb! I keep going back to it. The case is really solid and hefty not cheap plastic. This means that when you put brown switches on it it's all "thock" and no "clack". The open design means easy cleaning. I'm going to have a really hard time finding a better keyboard!!!

  • Pros: fully mac compatible function keys and modifier keys without the need for third party software. The most tasteful and attractive keycap design for Mac I've seen. Sturdy, solid feel. Wonderful for typing with cherry blue switches.
    Cons: Wish the control and command keys were 1.5 width like an Apple keyboard instead of 1.25 width. In other words, wish the right edge of the command aligned with the right edge of the 'X' key. That half key width shift to the left takes some getting used to coming from an Apple keyboard.

  • Pros: Sturdy, choice of switches, Mac appropriate keycaps
    Cons: Preconfigured for Windows (Fn-A for 3 sec to switch), F5 and F6 do not obey the system preferences to to use F1, F2, etc as standard function keys. According yo their support "It's our special design for the keyboard. Cannot fix it currently, thanks for your suggestion and we'll think about it". Backlit keyboard - great in theory, horrible in practice as light is under the keycaps and doesn't illuminate the top of the keys or shine through them. So, the keys remain illegible in the dark.

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