Ducky One 2 Black Case White LED Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Ducky One 2 Black Case White LED Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
Cherry MX White thumbnailCherry MX White



  • White LED Primary LEDs: White
  • White LED Control LEDs: White


Details and Specifications

ModelOne 2 Full-size
SizeFull Size
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED ColorWhite
Control LED ColorWhite
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.31" x 17.32" x 1.58"
Weight2.43 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • I've been using this on my main machine for almost 3 years, though the machine itself has been offline and come back on a few times due to 'life events.' It's a nice KB but there are a few shortcomings.

    There is no NKRO in Linux because that depends on a custom Windows driver instead of having a proper HID device implementation.

    Earlier this year, one of the white LEDs died, so I swapped over the one under the spacebar that was hidden anyway. Just recently, another one died. I wonder if this falls on Cherry but it's not a big deal.

    The Holtek microcontroller numbered HT50F52352 is beyond obscure. Holtek doesn't seem to admit it even exists on their website, so there's no datasheet and apparently no access to the SDK or any right compiler. That likely means nobody is porting QMK to run directly on it, not any time soon.

    The backlight diffusion inside the keycaps isn't always great. For example, on "Pause", PgUp", and "PgDn", the light hits the center such that "P", "e", "p", and "n" are much dimmer than the center. I know this is just what happens when you have a 3mm LED that aims the light upwards with the convex lens of its own body. If it really mattered to me, I would pull the caps off again and try (and probably fail to safely) snip the clear domes off with flush cutters to make them focus less and flood more.

    The USB-C socket got some of the worst cost-reduction applied to it. The plug would sometimes fail to electrically connect and stay completely connected, if perhaps I bumped the wire or moved the keyboard. So I took it completely out and pinched it to snug up the outer metal walls of the inner USB-C port hardware. That was possible mainly because it's embedded in a cheap-ish injection-molded plastic piece that gets screwed onto the bottom panel up against the hole. One of the screw holes in that piece broke slightly so it's a "C" instead of an "O". No, I don't think I mistreated it.

    Other than that, the build quality seems pretty good. I like the weight. Also, it survived a round of smoke damage that wrecked a lot of other things. The outer visible plastic parts and keycaps absorbed almost none of the smell and cleaned up with dish soap and water. That's presumably due to the properties of PBT.

    This is my first MKB, so without a basis for comparison. it isn't bad, and it isn't great. It's good. If I actually had correct typing habits, it could be better, and that's on me. I suppose the way it feels is on Cherry more than anything. It looks great, but I'm not supposed to be looking at the keyboard, right?

  • Immediately love this keyboard. I had a Razer Black keyboard for 10 years and it just started to crap out on me. This new Ducky One 2 feels like a major improvement. I had Cherry MX Blue's on the Razer and made the jump to Cherry MX browns on the Ducky. The combination of Ducky One 2 build quality mixed with the browns makes it feel incredible; this feels like a massive upgrade. The keyboard is less bloated and more plain than my old Razer Black, and the focus seems to be on the user experience of a no frills high execution feel. I'd buy this again without a second guess.

  • Amazing tactility

  • Had this keyboard for 7 months now and have had no problems with it. Wish Ducky came out with a software to record macros easier and there's a slight creaking when you press against the plastic casing but other than that, I love this keyboard.

  • Very good keyboard, worth the price, crisp switches.

  • Backlights stopped working after 1 year. How convenient with the warranty period! I will never buy Ducky again.

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