Wooting one RGB LED TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Wooting one Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Flaretech Red thumbnailFlaretech Red
Flaretech Blue thumbnailFlaretech Blue



  • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB
  • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB



  • Optical analog mechanical gaming keyboard.
The Wooting one (not capital one) is an optical analog mechanical gaming keyboard.

Let’s break that down.

Optical means that each switch key uses an infrared (IR) and sensor (PT) to detect input. There is no mechanical or physical connection between the switch and the PCB. We use Flaretech optical switches and this has several benefits.

Keyboard durability
There is no more metal contact between switch and keyboard, thus there is no corrosion or wear of material that can cause keychatter (i.e. unintended double input).

No debounce time
Regular mechanical switches vibrate a lot and can cause double input (keychatter). Debounce time is a small input delay until the signal is stable enough. Optical switches have no keychatter and need near zero debounce (0.03ms).

Hot swappable
You can take out and insert switches individually with a simple switch puller. A broken switch is not a broken keyboard anymore and you’re not bound to a single switch type.

The IR/PT have a life cycle of 50,000 hours +/- 5000 hours. The Wooting one efficiently uses that lifetime, prolonging it to a factor of 6. That’s in total 300,000 hours, over 34 years of use. The IR/PT effectiveness doesn’t decrease until it’s in its final hours.

It’s still a mechanical keyboard. Meaning that it uses a traditional switch box system with stem and spring for press feedback. In fact, the switch stem and spring have the same specification as popular CherryMX switches. This means you can install any CherryMX compatible keycaps on the keyboard and replace the spring inside the switchbox with other aftermarket springs.

The Wooting one uses OEM profile ABS keycaps for backlight and UV-coating.
The keycap layout follows OEM standard size.

Furthermore, Flaretech will come out with more different type of switches in the future. At this moment there is only the Red and Blue flaretech switch. Both have a linear 55g to actuation press. The blue switch also has a slight tactile bump and click sound at the 1.8mm and another click on return.

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED ColorRGB
Control LED ColorRGB
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Interface(s)Micro USB
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleLimited
Linux CompatibleLimited
Dimensions6.34" x 14.53" x 1.61"
Weight2.20 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • This keyboard has the absolutely smoothest switches I've ever tried. Nuff said.
    I really love linear switches and nothing I've tried comes close to how smooth these are. Blacks, tealios, even the XMIT hall effects don't even come close.

    My ONLY complaint is the noise. The chassis has a LOT of rattle on the bottom out, and the thin ABS stock keycaps don't help it in this regard.

    I wholeheartedly recommend you at least try this board if you like linear switches, but get yourself a different set of keycaps and maybe some thin o-rings while you're here.

  • I purchased this keyboard, used it for about a month. Switches are smooth but the most unsatisfying thing about this keyboard is the sound. The sound coming from this board isn't satisfying at all. It sounds like plastic hitting another plastic and that too in a random manner. There is no symphony in the sound of this board. That is my biggest gripe.

  • Truly incredible keyboard. I should start this off by saying that while I've tried many mechanical keyboards, the only other mechanical keyboard I've owned was a Cherry MX brown variant of the K70. That being said, I may not have much to compare this keyboard to, but I have a general idea of what a quality mechanical keyboard feels like. To break it down categorically:

    Switches: Extremely smooth. The switches themselves don't need metal contacts since this is an optical keyboard, and the difference it makes is actually noticeable. They seem to be consistent across the keyboard and pretty tough as well. You can also swap the switches out with new ones if they break or clicky switches if you get bored with the linear ones using an included tool, no soldering required. One thing I will say is that the switches are a bit on the wobbly side, meaning that while they mount stiffly to the top plate, the stem itself seems to have some play within the switch housing, more so than most other keyboards I've tried. It's hardly noticeable in normal use, however.

    Build: Incredible. It's light but extremely sturdy with a very clean and professional look. It has a removable braided USB cable, height adjustment.pretty much everything you would expect from a board in this price range. Contrary to what the pictures show, the top plate is actually sand-blasted aluminum, NOT brushed aluminum. Having previously owned a brushed aluminum board, I personally prefer the sand-blasted look because it is easier to clean and seems to attract less dust. Some might prefer a brushed plate though, so just keep this in mind.

    Caps: Beautiful legends but average quality. The caps are thin, semi-translucent UV-coated ABS. Luckily the switch stem adopts the Cherry MX cross design, meaning you can easily swap these caps for any that are compatible with Cherry.

    Sound: Good. Solid and not pingy like you might expect from plate-mounted switches.

    RGB: Sure.

    Analog & Software: Yeah.there's a lot to say here as it's basically the main selling point of this board, so get ready. Overall, here's what you need to know - the software is still in its early stages at the time of writing this but the analog actually works, and you can fine-tune it using their software. While in analog mode (yes, you can switch out of analog mode if you prefer to have it off when not in-game) the PC detects the keyboard as both a keyboard and an Xbox controller. This allows you to map Xbox controller inputs to the keyboard using their software without having to map every key, provided the game you're trying to play accepts keyboard & mouse and XInput simultaneously. For example, you can map WASD to left stick movement while still using R to reload, space to jump, mouse to aim and shoot, etc. However, some older games don't allow simultaneous input from controller and keyboard & mouse, meaning they won't work with the Wooting One. With increasing support for the Steam controller, which has similar limitations in games due to its trackpad functionality, newer games will most likely allow for normal analog input from the Wooting One. Just know, however, that not all games are supported. On an unrelated but still very important note, you can actually set the actuation distance of this keyboard from anywhere between 1.5 and 3.6 mm using their software. Seriously.

    TL;DR: Analog works and works really well with no compromises on quality. Truly outstanding keyboard.

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