Ducky One 2 Mini v2 RGB LED 60% Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Ducky One 2 Mini v2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Gateron Yellow thumbnailGateron Yellow
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Gateron Red thumbnailGateron Red
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!
Gateron Brown thumbnailGateron Brown
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!
Kailh Speed Pro Burgundy thumbnailKailh Speed Pro Burgundy
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!
Kailh Speed Copper thumbnailKailh Speed Copper
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!
Kailh BOX White thumbnailKailh BOX White
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Kailh BOX Brown thumbnailKailh BOX Brown
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Kailh BOX Red thumbnailKailh BOX Red
$99.00 $69.30 On Sale!New Version Available!
Kailh BOX Thick Jade thumbnailKailh BOX Thick Jade
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!New Version Available!
Kailh BOX Silent Pink thumbnailKailh BOX Silent Pink
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!
Cherry MX Silent Black thumbnailCherry MX Silent Black
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!
Kailh BOX Navy thumbnailKailh BOX Navy
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!New Version Available!
Kailh Polia thumbnailKailh Polia
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!
 Gateron Silent Brown
$104.00 $72.80 On Sale!
TTC Gold Pink thumbnailTTC Gold Pink
$109.00 $76.30 On Sale!
TTC Bluish White thumbnailTTC Bluish White
$109.00 $76.30 On Sale!
TTC Heart thumbnailTTC Heart
$109.00 $76.30 On Sale!



  • RGB LED Primary LEDs: RGB (SMD)
  • RGB LED Control LEDs: RGB




    • 10 additional PBT Double Shot colorful keycaps (Random color) 
    • Brand new bezel design and dual layer PCB
    • PBT Double Shot seamless keycaps
    • Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market
    • 3 level adjustable feet and detachable USB-C cable
    • Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture
    • 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable
    • Includes either Year of the Rat or Year of the Ox spacebars


    Details and Specifications

    ModelOne 2 Mini
    Switch StemsMX
    Physical LayoutANSI
    Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
    Frame ColorBlack
    Frame Top MaterialPlastic
    Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
    Primary LED ColorRGB
    Control LED ColorRGB
    Hotswap SocketsNo
    USB Key RolloverFull
    Multimedia KeysYes
    Switch Mount TypePlate
    Built in Audio PortNo
    Built in Mic PortNo
    Windows CompatibleYes
    Mac CompatibleNo
    Linux CompatibleYes
    Dimensions4.25" x 11.89" x 1.57"
    Weight1.31 lbs
    Cord Length56 inches

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    • I had tried a few different keyboard styles when I first got my PC and ended up really liking this 60% style. Ducky had quite a few good reviews online so I decided to purchase the One 2 Mini. I had a few issues with sticky keys/double entry when I first got it but I switched around some caps and it seemed to fix it. I've mostly used the keyboard for gaming with some light data entry. I've enjoyed the keyboard a lot, it's a great size for gaming, but am now experiencing 4-5 keys that consistently don't register when I press them ("W" and "S" among them, which I'm sure is from gaming). I've been debating buying a new one but I'm not totally convinced I won't have the same issues a year or so down the line. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but for $100 I expect my keyboard will fully function for more than a year. RGB is nice, keycap quality is nice, just not as durable as I'd like.

    • This is already a really awesome keyboard! I got it with the Kailh BOX Silent Pink switches and they sound awesome! ai haven't used it much yet but so far I would really recommend this keyboard if you like 60% keyboards. The RGB lights are really amazing on the keyboard as well! One thing, when updating the OS of the keyboard update it to the oldest version because the new version will "brick" your keyboard so you can't type. I really love the size!

    • I just received this keyboard and to say the least I'm very impressed. I got the cherry mx silent reds and they sound amazing. Definitely an upgrade from my old keyboard (razer huntsman mini, very loud switches that i wish i knew about before purchasing.) Everything came in, no missing parts whatsoever. I would recommend this in a heartbeat, great keyboard overall and the customization is great.

    • I love this keyboard! I got it with the Cherry MX Black Silent switches, and am really happy with the setup. I do like the RGBs and the fact that I can settle on a color. I haven't traveled with this keyboard so I can't speak to that, but I would love to have this next time I travel with a computer. The silent keys are great for Zoom calls as well, and they double as great gaming keys too.

    • Keycaps are of good quality; comfortable for gaming & typing. Team cherry MX silver. Spacebar is a bit rattily vs. sturdy but that's personal preference. RGB looks fantastic. RGB customization is good but complex because of the tenkeyless design and having to reference hotkeys. Taking the keys off & cleaning the board was easy to do. Frame behind the keys feels sturdy but when manipulating the keyboard it's very squeaky - not sure if it was always like that though. Great keyboard design and quality otherwise. 5 stars because I honestly have no regrets using this board for my gaming endeavours these past 3 years, don't hesitate to cop :)

    • Sometimes when I start my computer, the keyboard will flash for a moment and then be unresponsive. I have to unplug and plug it back in to get it to work. Also sometimes when I hold down the Fn key for just a second, the keyboard will sometimes enter some sort of function mode where all the keys switch to their function key by default. I have to hold down the Fn key for several seconds to get out of this mode. This is all with the latest firmware. The keyboard has a good build but it's such a pain to use; I miss having a normal keyboard.

    • i have had this keyboard for about a year now and i have to say that it is in all honestly extremely solid. i have the mx brown version and the clicking is extremely pleasing. however within the first couple months of getting this keyboard expect to type like a baby. its extermely hard to get used to this keyboards layout and is really only good for gaming. also one thing i wish i knew before getting this keyboard is that YOU CANT ALT F4. it is quite possibly the worst thing with this keyboard and makes exiting games such a hassle. besids that, build quality is pristine. i really have no complaints besides that.

    • I love this keyboard with the ttc pink gold switches. It is so satisfying to hear and amazing to type on, especially with the tape mod.

    • Best keyboard I have ever owned. I got it with Cherry MX Brown switches. Not too clicky, but it has a mechanical feel. Various RGB settings too!

    • This was my first mechanical keyboard and it was great for about 8 or 9 months. Since then many keys have started chattering and some keys fail to trigger on occasion. Upon doing some research this appears to be a very common issue for this keyboard so beware. Mechanical Keyboards customer service offered to repair it per the manufacturer warranty but I would have preferred an outright replacement or return. It has become kind of a headache. Hope this is helpful for anyone considering this keyboard!

    • I really didnt want to write this review and im sad to write it.
      I live in Australia, so the chances of me refunding this board is very low, so i wanted to inform you before buying this.
      the switches, (mx silvers) are very decent, a couple keys like the control key are extremely wobbly and unsatisfying.
      The stabilisers for the board are an upgrade than your normal stabilisers, but my spacebar, shift, enter, right shift and pretty much every other modifier was ticking, rattling and squeaking out of the box.
      The keycaps that come with the board are very good, although the zodiac sign spacebar is unbelieavably low quality. The pbt spacebar is warped, and the accented keycaps are yellow.
      the build quality is pretty nice, considering you get dip switches, ergonomic feet, not a lot of echoing and a pretty solid feeling weight.

      I was very surprised when the keyboard started to chatter after 3 days of usage.
      Normally, this happends about 4 months in (from other reviews) but it happened to me instantaneously.
      overall, i was highly dissatisfied with my product and i absolutely hate the stabilisers.
      DO NOT GET THIS. Please, i dont care what you see online, it is a complete gamble on the quality of the keyboard, keycaps, stabilisers and everything else .

    • I have only had this Keyboard one day, and I LOVE IT. I use it with my Xbox series X. And there is like no input Delay at all. Oh also I got the Cherry Mx Silver switches. But there is like no input delay at all. Definitely Recommend. I love it.

    • It Came very nice I got brown cherry MX which is which sounds very nice hooked up easily easy unboxing

    • Apparently it has high latency which is bad for gaming compared to most key boards. i have the v1 which iv had for 2 year's it still looks good as new but needs replacing now as its spaming random windows hot keys for some reason. tried it on two pc and one from fresh install dont know why it does this. its fine for hours then random spaming of keys and keys not working stops for abit when i factory reset it. key board was good other then that. not sure if good for long term as broke after 2 years when most should last indenfintly without damage. 3* would be 5* if long lasting and highest latency.

    • WOW. I took a plunge into buying this keyboard going from a full size keyboard. Let me tell you this has one of the best stabs I've ever seen on a stock board. I have no clue if they been pre lubed or what but they have almost no rattle. Just a little bit on the space bar. Also for a being a full plastic case its more solid then I would expect. I got it with the cherry mx red silents so I would not annoy the people in my house and they sound/feel amazing. The only gripe I can have with this board is with the silents (maybe the other switches too) you can hear a bit of spring ping but that's how it is with most stock switches, so it is all right. The RGB is also very vibrant if that is your type of thing!

    • This keyboard is great I got it with the kailh box Jade switches and it sounds awesome I love this so much 10/10 would recommend if you would like a great keyboard for a beginner sort of custom keyboard with RGB, also it only took 3-4 business days to arrive super awesome.

    • Bought the keyboard, within the first 30 days the keyboard had to be factory reset at least once a day, stopped working multiple times, had to switch keyboards, and then stopped working completely. I would not recommend this keyboard. I just bought a logitech around a month ago, and it hasn't had 1 problem with it since I've bought it. Duckies customer service is trash and the firmware does nothing. Unless you want a keyboard that sucks, and is not reliable at all. Get this.

    • Ordered this keyboard 2 times first time the stabilizers were not working as they should thankfully the mechanical keyboard customer support is amazing and im going to be sending it back and get all my money back!! just got my second keyboard and everything is perfect!! would recommend if your looking to get this keyboard get it from here!!

    • Wish you could choose the extra key so color I personally would like them to be blue as it would match my gaming setup but when ordering I won't know what color it's gonna be because it is random as it's say in the features

    • hands down best keyboard i've ever had the pleasure to type on. mx silvers are smooth, build quality is impressive and no problems with hardware. the only problem is a slight ping when typing but WHO CARES?! that's like one little speck on a masterpiece. take it from me, BUY IT

    • First of all, this website is legit! I did my own little research, then decided to order ducky one 2 mini since there aren't many options in Canada.

      The total price for silent red (keyboard international priority shipping tax) is nearly 200 CAD, yet still cheaper than haha.

      Shipping is super fast (2 days), and the keyboard is soooo nice! I will definitely order more stuff here in the future.

    • im in love with this keyboard

    • this keyboard is just insane

    • this is goated i love it so much, with the blue switches it is so good and i like the sound, and also it is a very fast switch

    • I purchased this keyboard when it first became available on this site. So consider this a long term review. basically, this is a super sexy well-designed keyboard with a fatal flaw; double typing keys. RMA'ed keyboard and it still does it. If your's double types. SEND IT BACK, it WILL NOT be fixed by firmware or RMA. The problem with that is they usually don't start to double type till the return period has expired. So be warned as you will potentially be buying a 100 dollar double typing monster. Gamers might not be too mad about it while gaming.

    • I just got my keyboard today and I'm very disappointed with what I got when I opened it and tried to use it the keyboard did not work I tried to walk around in game it didn't work and it didn't let use the delete button & the switch's on the back for the lights only worked if they was flipped on the wrong side I've used a ducky keyboard before & it was fine but this was just a disappointment

    • I got the Ducky with Kailh Box White switches (since my others are all blue MX). So far the Kailh Box whites have been GREAT! The keyboard is much quieter than my DasKeyboard Cherry MX blue keyboards but it sounds good. The Kailh Box Whites have a nice metal spring click vs the plasticky slap from the cherries.

      The 60% layout was annoying the first couple days because of the lack of arrow keys. But then I found out you could move the FN key to the left side, I moved it to LEFT CTRL. The arrows are under the IJKL so having the FN on the opposite side of the arrows makes it SUPER easy to use.

      The other piece that has been hard to get used to was the backtick which is on the ESC key. So you have to press FN ESC to get ` but with it a few days of training and it feels okay.

      If you REALLY REALLY need dedicated arrow keys, get the 65% keyboard. But if you don't mind using an FN key to activate them the Ducky 60% is AMAZING!

    • Good

    • ducky one 2 mini keyboards are the best keyboards ong

    • This is a nice keyboard and a perfect size but mine started to double type after only a few months of owning it. After several attempts at updating the firmware it did nothing and I even paid $30 to send it back to mechanicalkeyboards to repair but shortly after I got it back within a week it started double typing again. It will type 2 r's or any key at once and it seems like tons of others are having this issue but there's been no fix and I don't ever expect there to be one.

      I'm no longer using this keyboard as it is just to frustrating and aggravating to deal with so I've had to resort switching back to my old loud Razer Blackwidow. Very disappointed in the quality of this keyboard, not worth $100 imo.

    • It is a nice looking keyboard but there is a mechanical fault with it that keeps double-clicking keys (for example writing 'mmini' instead of 'mini') despite the firmware uppdate which was supposed to fix the issue. I have about 12 keyboards and have never seen this before. Very disappointing.

      I keep using it because I am too cheap to throw it away, although I wish I could just send it out the window about 200 times a day. Just to write these 3 lines I had to correct about 4 double clicks.

    • high quality product, im in love with mine, came in really good time and all as announced, simply love it

    • Its so good

    • THIS KEYBOARD IS AMAZING. I knew that ducky keyboards were one of the best mechanical keyboards. The sheer build quality is great, even though its all plastic it is very high end love the black on white combo. I have used 60% keyboards before, but this keyboard keeps so many of the functions of 100% keyboards through the FN key which is great when needed. I chose one of the pricier switches, the TTC gold bluish whites and they are amazing. They have the perfect tactile feedback and sound amazing when typing its pure asmr. The switches are really top notch, no flex, extremely stable even on the spacebar. The keycaps are solid feeling, really nice quality, thick and allow the rgb back light to shine through perfectly. The backlight is very even there are no keys where the lighting is off or inconsistent. The only keys that don't shine through are the custom keys that ducky provides, however the lighting is so customizable that you can individually tweak the settings.

      I have had my experience with a plethora of switches. I have majority of the cherry mx line; browns, blues, reds and speed slivers, all those felt great but could be improved with lubing however I have scene how tedious it is to lube switches. I have also tried Razer's switches, and they are pretty good, their latest line is pre lubed, which gives them a very smooth feel however the biggest turn off is the all the bloat ware that comes with the keyboard, for basic macro's you need the software. Cherry mx blue switches and all their variations always felt like they were about to break. The TTC switches are amazing, feel amazing, feel solid, feel like they are lubed but not because of how well the switch is built. TTC switches are scene as the off brand version of pandas, but panda switches are insanely expensive and I totally recommend these over the pandas if price is an issue.

      The only issue with this keyboard is that if it were hot swappable, but since I like these switches so much I don't think I will be swapping out switches anytime soon, so I won't negate any points for that.

      The best part, no bloatware, everything is hardware based in the keyboard with switches and multiple FN functions.

      overall 11/10 keyboard, amazing for the price, if you like quality mechanical gaming keyboards but don't want all the bloat ware that comes with it this is the go to, even better they offer larger variants if needed.

    • i love this i ordered mx blues and this is the best keyboard ive ever had

    • the best keyboard ever

    • Some of my keycaps double click after 3-4 months. My keycap T is triple clicking some times or wont click.

    • I bought this as my first mechanical keyboard and I am not disappointed. It's clear that this is a very well made product after one press of a key - no rattle from anywhere in the board, the switches feel great (I went with MX Blues) and the RGB lights are bright and vivid. The lighting modes are mesmerizing tbh. Still getting used to not having arrow keys but that was more of a personal choice, and the Fn key allows you to use some keys as arrow keys.

    • So I got my one two mini double shot pbt with blue switch's and I am in the process of trying to return to get a new one/ return to get it fixed. I don't know if something happened to it in the manufacturing or if It was damaged in the shipping, the USB port was non response and the plug would just fall out every time I try to plug it in. Not a very good first experience with ducky keyboards

    • Looks clean defiantly worth buying. I hate full- tkl keyboards 60% keyboard what really I like

    • For the parents out here - I bought one for my 10 year old a few months back and now my older 12 year old wants one for christmas. My initial impression was great - Great Apple like packaging with extra keycaps. Everything just seems very good quality starting with the packaging.
      Now just purchased the Feather mouse to go along with it.

    • I like this website because i like the styles and the prices really low thx

    • I bought the 65% version of this board then realized the compatibility problems with keycaps and immediately contacted support. The people over at MK were very helpful and understanding. they helped me get my money back I then turned around and bought this keyboard and I am loving it so far! I got the Cherry silent Reds and I was cautious. My wife HATES the sound of clicky keyboards so I took a chance with these and they rock! They still feel like a good mechanical switch but they are truly silent. you hardly hear anything! the board is built well and feels good underneath the fingers! The color control and macro control is a little wonky to get used to but once you get it, you got it.
      10/10 board
      10/10 experience

    • This keyboard is the second i've ever had. My experience with keyboards is not to rely on, but i will go into my experience with this keyboard so far.

      First, I want to go over the feel and sound of the keyboard. The keyboard can be elevated at 2 different heights with the multiple legs on the back. I personally lay the keyboard flat on the desk because it gives it a quieter and more solid feel. Putting it any of the secondary levels make the keys sound more echoey and not as solid. The key switches I bought with the keyboard are the Cherry MX Silent reds, and these feel great. Its extremely silent and has a very padded and soft feel. My last keyboard had clicky switches, which I grew into disliking. These new switches feel like an extreme upgrade. The only key that I have a very slight problem with is the spacebar. It has a very slight rattle, but it's almost unnoticeable.

      This keyboard is very mobile. It's a small profile and saves a lot of space. When you unbox this keyboard it comes with a velcro tie that can manage all the excess wire, which helps keeping it tidy with the wire. This keyboard is also surprisingly heavy. This keyboard is a little more than a pound. While i'm not commonly picking it up, it's a comfortable weight I can deal with.

      The LED is very different from what i've seen on other keyboards i've looked into. It's got a small selection of pre-coded modes into the keyboard (can be read on the manuel) It's got 10 modes and 5 of which are color selected by the user. It gives the three options of red blue and green, and lets you choose the brightness and shade of the color. Not to crazy for it, but i can see the usage to match someone's setup.

      Extra features and details : I did not find the manual within the box of the product, but i did easily find a demo on his keyboard online. This keyboard came fairly quick. I preordered this keyboard November 22 with the restock date being December 5, and this keyboard arrived December 5. The shipping date was very accurate and came on time. I live in the US and this keyboard took 10 days to drive across 6 states. I'd also like to add that the spacebar im using, The year of the mouse edition, is a very admirable spacebar. It's a clean finish and colors shine through it fairly bright. The keyboard also comes with extra colored keycaps that vary in color which i've seen in green, blue, red, purple, and orange. I received the blue caps and are satisfied with them. I also replaced the caps it came with to the HyperX pudding caps and it felt no different and did not change the feel to the keyboard.

      This is an overall great keyboard and definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good keyboard!

    • very cool keytboard just very stupid you cant chose you're colour 'cause i have bleu an i don't really like it

    • Dear:Ducky
      I love this keyboard it feels so good on my hands.


    • I got this keyboard with the Cherry MX Silent Black switches, and let me tell you, I don't think I can ever turn back to my Razer Huntsman Mini. This keyboard sounds, looks, and feels so premium, and the RGB is outstanding! (If you want even more RGB, buy the HyperX pudding keycaps!). The stabilizers are super nice, and they make sure the space bar, shift keys, etc. they don't wobble barely at all. This is going to be my forever keyboard, as long as they don't discontinue this product!

    • Love it but one problem everytime i click a key and release fast the metal plate in the middle makes a ping noise

    • I really like the keyboard especially how fast the response time is

    • Got this keyboard for my birthday with Cherry MX Blue switches. Nice and very clicky and the RGB looks great. Good amount of customization options for the RGB. Feels like it has really good build quality. I also really like the spare spacebar and randomly colored extra keycaps. Would highly recommend,

    • Good keyboard

    • Great keyboard, shipped fast and my son is in Love with it!!! Thank you!!!!

    • Yooo this keyboard is actually so cool bro I got red switches and they are so smooth I definitely recommend them

    • the ducky mini is an exellent keyboard and is great quality

    • This keyboard is awesome I have had it for a while now and it is perfect. I got the cherry mx blue switches and they feel amazing. The keycaps feel so smooth. Although there is a tiny ping when you press the keys hard you barley ever notice it. Overall my favorite keyboard! Buy this right away you will not regret!!

    • The keyboard is awesome the first day i got it

    • This is one of the best keyboards I have ever gotten? I highly recommend this keyboard to everyone, its really good!

    • Great product highly recommend. Really fast delivery, even though I'm over seas!

    • I bought this keyboard and absolutely love it. The best thing I ever bought. Its hard to even put it into words how much I loved it. You will not be disappointed the price is nothing compared to what you get. Best keyboard EVER!!!!! 5 star, its fast, stylish and awesome. Defiantly recommend.

    • Just received my ducky one 2 mini with cherry mx speed silver switches and oh my god. I am in love. The sound is amazing, switches are buttery and the stabilizers are amazing! Would highly recommend this keyboard! To anyone considering getting this keyboard, don't think, just get it because you won't be disappointed. It is a premium product at an affordable price! The shipping is also amazing and it arrived in my country (which is on the other side of the world) IN ONLY 3 DAYS!

    • its hecking amazing just get it

    • I like this keyboard love the silver switches they have a good sound good actuation point bearly touch them it activates they as fast as the apex pro for both reagular,TKL and if not faster 1.2mm. And 45g of force I wanted to try the yellow gateron that are coming but out of stick but I can't wait for like 100 to be build to me this keyboard 10 no question
      Needed but in this raining I'm giving this 5 star wish it was 10.and they have super great service worth every dollar 1$

    • its all worth it

    • Just go for it !

    • Best Keyboar!

    • It a nice keyboard if you need space then you should but this keyboad.

    • I have had this keyboard for over a year and have sent it in to be repaired once due to keyboard chatter problems. Currently, the main problem is my space bar is double tapping. It has been really frustrating since I have been working from home lately and my job requires specific inputs.

      I have tried 1) Downloading new software firmware 2)Following the support ticket in adjusting the debounce time to every setting "5ms-25ms" 3) Cleaning the keyboard thoroughly.

      You can see how many times my space bar has double tapped in this message alone. I do NOT recommend this keyboard at all!

    • Awesome keyboard

    • Incredibly quiet, very smooth, and overall a very solid keyboard. Only giving it 4/5 because it took almost 2 months to ship.

    • Just got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and I LOVE it, I have cherry Mx red and the sound and feel of each click is amazing, it's so small I can position it any way I'd like, while claiming back as much real estate as I can on my mouse pad. This is my first ducky product and certainly won't be my last. For the size, the weight and durability are amazing and you won't regret going with these keyboards. Still one of the best on the market.

    • Is it good yesssssss

    • This keyboard is amazing. I purchased it for my daughter graduation and she loved it! She said it helped her game better and it also helped her with her mouse movement! I 100% recommend.

    • Very good

    • I complained about the board not turning back on after the first bios boot, but updating the board fixed it.

    • My first 60% and mechanical keyboard! Amazing clicky noise on the brown switches! Highly recommend!

    • I love the keyboard

    • Best keyboard I have had the shipping come in on the regular and came in 4 days thanks

    • This is easily the best keyboard I've bought to date. I've bought many "gaming" keyboards and this one blows them all away. The size gives me a lot more room for swiping my mouse. The switches feel good and very quiet(Cherry MX silent reds). I've shown my other gaming buddies this keyboard and they're buying this asap.

    • It's a really good keyboard

    • The beat keyboard I have ever have thx

    • First Ducky keyboard I have ever owned, and I will NEVER go back to anything else! Ducky ALL THE WAY!! The only thing I wish this had was the arrow keys, but I see the Ducky One 2 SF has the keys, so I ordered the pure white one! 5/5 Stars for this keyboard and the pure white SF!!

    • Very good keyboard, little to no issues at all. very loud ping sound on my left alt and windows keys other than that a very good keyboard with really good stabs, and i am having this problem with silent red switches

    • Outstanding keyboard very sleek and I love it

    • get this keyboard asp because its just great for gaming on the go gamin and its just a cool lil keyboard

    • This keyboard has been on my watch list for a while now and I finally got it today. No regrets. love it 100%.

    • Very good keyboard very stirdy and has 0 ping at all, highly recommend

    • one of the nicest if not the nicest keyboard i've ever owned, it's a little compact but it's what you expect when you buy a 60% keyboard. the stabilizers on this keyboard are really nice, i'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good 60% keyboard.

    • Just got the Ducky One 2 Mini amazing keyboard got it in about 8-9 days amazing keyboard highly recommended.

    • This Keyboard is amazing it is well worth the wait. Especially the Keycaps themselves feel amazing and the quality you get for just 99$ is amazing. I really recommend you guys buying. Also this keyboard is compatible with the Mac its just that some features on it may not be. For example if your just regularly typing and switching the rgb it WILL WORK.


    • Amazing 60% keyboard - great quality!
      Highly recommend it if you are looking into buying a 60% keyboard

    • I ordered this keyboard for gaming i do reccomend it for gamers with small or big hands its very compact so easy to reach around all the letters

    • i love the keyboard i have been using it for 3 months now it's great for gaming the keys are smooth i like hoe you can change the keys and the space bar is year of the pig i think

    • Buy it for the stabilizers. For real. No other stock keyboard, not even the HHKB Silent has stabs like this, out of the box.

    • A good keyboard just really fragile

    • It is a great keyboard. I recommend cherry mx silent reds or just cherry mx reds, they are quiet and linear, its good for gaming.

    • first gaming keyboard I'm very happy and excited to get my keyboard and try out something other then a controller

    • I per-ordered the Cherry MX Silent Red May 15th, expected restock date 21st at medium estimation or w.e. I included 2-day shipping for $7.99, totally worth it. I received my tracking number 4 days later & received it on the 22nd. Arrived fast than i was expecting, it seems they had an early shipment. Nice box it comes in, couple extra purple caps. The key board is AMAZING. My first 60% keyboard so its taking some getting use to. Only miss the arrows, but you can probably macro them. LEDs look nice, different cycles you can choose from. Very quiet, especially the space bar when gaming. Hitting with my left thumb you cant even hear it. Grabbed Cherry MX Silent Red because i don't like super loud sounding keys, so I'm happy i went with this one. All the keys feel great, looks super clean, loving it for gaming right now. Thanks guys.

    • Love this keyboard itz 100% worth it!

    • It's amazing

    • Honestly I've used this keyboard for over two months and my honest opinion is that the keyboard is amazing. It feels great, it clicks smoothly, it's small, lights really bright. It's great overall.

    • The keyboard is fantastic , little hard to learn but i did get used to it after a couple hours of using it. This is my first mechanical keyboard and i'm beyond happy with the results. Like I said little hard to learn but didn't help that it didn't come with a manual on how to use the thing. But i wont let that affect the review of the keyboard. If you don't have one get one, its simple.

    • Very Great Product happ wit my purchase

    • My keyboard didnt come with 10 additional keycaps or a special spacebar, kinda mad

    • Better than expected!

    • If you run mac OS Catalina then don't bother getting this keyboard. My keyboard will not connect to Catalina properly. I have to first turn the computer on, plug in keyboard, put computer to sleep then boot computer back up again just to register key presses. I believe this is an issue with Catalina as the keyboard works fine with my family members Macs which are not running Catalina. Get the keychron k2 or something else if you want to run mac OS.

      (Also firmware is only compatable with mac OS, meaning no updating)

    • I would say this keyboard is the best sounding and feeling keyboard of all time

    • Good

    • Just got my Ducky One 2 Mini today and I couldn't be happier with it! As a Mini ITX PC enthusiast, I have always been fond of powerful tech in small packages, but I had yet to try a 60% keyboard until now. The One 2 Mini is my first board this tiny, and it just feels great. It's got a plastic chassis, but doesn't feel cheap, even though it definitely feels lightweight. The keys feel really nice, and they look good too. And of course, one of the best features is that this keyboard doesn't require any software to control it, which alone is enough for five starts in my book. Couldn't be happier with this board, and I plan on decking it out soon with some Ducky pudding keycaps!

    • This is the best keyboard ever, and quite frankly probably the last one you will need! It has it all, from fully modificational rgb lightning to being able to control your mouse with it! I personally don't have one but I am definitely saving up for it, and I'm excited. Thank you, Ducky, for making this product for us!!!

    • My girlfriend ordered this for me for my Birthday and I love it! Its a amazing keyboard so smooth and just everything i wanted. Shipping was perfect and literally have no issues with it what so ever would recommend to anyone!

    • I received this keyboard one day ago. By far one of the best keyboards i have used. I've owned Logitech and Corsair mech keyboards, and this thing has impressed me more than them in one day! I got the silent reds, they are indeed silent, but still give enough feedback and noise to make me happy :-).

      If you're like me and been thinking about buying this keyboard for a while, just do it! You'll be happy you did.

    • I was using Ducky One2 Mini RGB for over a month now and all of sudden it's dead and doesn't respond.
      I tried every possible key in the manual and update my MacOS too but nothing worked. When I tried to update the firmware I noticed that firmware is only supported for Windows.

      So, I tried connecting to a windows laptop and updated the firmware too . But, No luck.

      I contacted the Ducky support team and they responded by saying "One 2 Mini and SF are not fully compatible with macOS. We are working on a fix, but it is still a WIP and no ETA sorry.".

      I am about to return the keyboard and find another mac supported keyboard

    • Ich finde die Tastatur am besten sie ist mega gut f�r das zocken

    • Easiest review I've ever written, ORDER ONE! Hands down the best keyboard I own, it is my daily driver for everything, the 60% form factor is perfect for everything unless you're an accountant. The quality of this keyboard surpasses the competition by miles. I will be ordering a Meca Mini and a all white Ducky.

    • The keyboard itself is great, but the software built into it leaves a lot to be desired.

      The LEDs stay on while my computer is off and other keyboards I have don't have this issue. It also does not wake my computer despite other keyboards being able to.

      Support for Mac is abysmal, which is something I wish was made more clear before I purchased it. No updates have come from Ducky regarding these common issues, so I can't recommend it to people since it seems Ducky does not care.

    • Fantastic. That is all.

    • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SWITCHES!! I've played on Mx Cherry Reds, Browns, and recently owned a board with Blues, so Im used to the very clicky keyboard. not here This bad boy sounds and feels like Butter!

    • Love you brand

    • i was really upset with this keyboard after about 4 months of use i started to get the key chatter that everyone talks about, but as soon as i updated the firmware this issue was solved, i hope that helps everyone else

    • I just ordered this keyboard with the Cherry MX Brown switches! from what I've heard its an amazing keyboard!

    • I've had this keyboard for about a year now and I have some things to say.

      The keyboard is worth the money. If you want a long lasting keyboard, I suggest you buy this keyboard. This keyboard is stable and durable but if you push against the sides, you would hear tiny clicks but it isn't a big thing to worry about. The keycaps are Eawesome. They are double shot PBT which are the best quality for keycaps. They are smooth and satisfying to type with when gaming and typing.

      The keyboard is great but I've had some problems. This might only apply to me but some times the keyboard doesn't register, mainly the space, I, and enter keys. I think it's because the switches started to wear. It's really annoying when I'm gaming because the space key is really important. When I'm typing, I need to click the space key a couple times before it works.

      Overall, a great keyboard.

    • Amazing keyboard, haven't had any problems with it.

    • Everything about this keyboard is amazing

    • i had this keyboard for about 4 days or so there is no problem since i got it. And thinking to buy more items from this website

    • This keyboard worked pretty great for about a month. Out of nowhere I get blasted with this key chatter I see people talking about, even after following the recommended troubleshooting of updating and cleaning the board. The thing sits in a climate controlled and well ventilated office, so the issue with moisture and dust is negligible. Even still, I pulled the keycaps off to ensure everything was clean. I've several years of experience working with mechs, and I'm sure you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I pull the caps off and stems are cracked like crazy. The thing caves under professional use, which is unacceptable for its price-point. Avoid this brand like the plague, it's all hype.

    • It's a great keyboard, I'm using it to write this right now but the RGB is not as good as I expected but it is good enough for me

    • this is the best keyboard i ever bought, honestly should be worth more money, totally worth it

    • Just like a lot of others in this review section, I've been suffering from key chattering a few months after purchase. I've updated my firmware but the issue is still there. I hope a fix comes soon as this is my only keyboard and its incredibly irritating having to backspace each time I write. Be careful if you're planning to purchase this board.

    • I really liked this board when it first arrived. Silent red switches are fantastic. Unfortunately after less than a month I was getting extremely bad key chatter. I've updated my firmware, tried contacting ducky 4 times with no response, cleaned to the best of my abilities and still nothing. The only other option I would have would be to desolder the switches in question which I have no experience doing.

      I'm not the only one with this issue. I bought it knowing that, so that's on me but I won't be buying a Ducky board again.

    • Pretty keyboard, however started having issues with keys double pressing within a couple months. It's extremely annoying, I'm not sure how common this is but my next keyboard probably won't be Ducky because of this.

    • This is not really worth 99 dollars sometimes i type the letter it wont even work and i use this keyboard for 1 month so please dont waste your money

    • I got the cherry Mx reds and they feel great. Amazing keyboard.

    • Awesome. The keys were smooth, reliable, the keycaps were awesome and seamless. 10/10. I'm 100% buying this again when my old one wears out.

    • Have 3 mini's each now have keychatter issues. Each board was only used for 3-4 months before being replaced. 3 boards now useless unless keychatter issue is fixed. Yes i am on the latest firmware, my Entire lower half of my board double clicks now. Double and triple space between some words sorry its the board i promise. Giving this a 1 star. would be a 4 or 5 without keychatter but with how quickly the boards experience issues id never recommend wasting money.

    • Grate keyboard

    • Typing this on the One 2 Mini. I absolutely love this keyboard. I got the brown Cherry switches, and the RGB is gorgeous. I've been using a Corsair K70 RGB with the same switches for the past 4 years and I've enjoyed it, but it's very dirty, and some of the LEDs have stopped working, so I wanted a secondary keyboard to use mostly for gaming (Destiny 2). I was a bit worried about this, considering its form and the missing keys, but with Ducky's side-printed function keys, I've become very familiar with working around the lack of feature keys. I absolutely adore this thing, and I've already set up my custom gaming lighting profiles and everything. I've only had it for a few days, as I got it for Christmas, but so far it's been way better than I expected.

    • I got this for Christmas and best keyboard ever

    • After searching around for a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, I decided to go with the Ducky One 2 Mini. I looked at various other 60% keyboards such as the Vortex P0k3r and the Massdrop ALT. I previously had owned a Corsair K70 RGB LUX, and my first thoughts going to a smaller keyboard are that this Ducky Keyboard is AMAZING! Here are a few things that I find to be the benefits of this keyboard.

      - Compact size and great spacing in the key layout.
      - The plastic ABS shell of the keyboard is a quality plastic mold and pretty sturdy.
      - Great keycap stabilizers come standard with this keyboard and you can really feel a difference in decent stabilizers vs. cheap stabilizers.
      - The RGB functionality is a bonus, and yes it does offer custom RGB configurations, but you will need to do a little reading and testing to figure it out on your own.
      - The 60% size keyboard still offers the functionality of the full-size keyboard with the use of the FN / Function key.
      - The two options of risers on this keyboard are quite incredible. No other keyboard offers such variety and I find myself using the 3 levels, no risers, small risers, and large risers depending on my location and what I'm doing on the keyboard.
      - USB-C Cable offers a modern connectivity option. You can personalize the keyboard even more with the purchase of a braided or colored USB-C Cable.
      - The standard keycaps feel great and are a perfect mix of texture, feel and size.
      - Ability to move the FN / Function key to any bottom right location on the keyboard is a definite plus.
      - Cherry MX switches offer a great variety of keycap customization.

      - Any cons to having a 60% layout and missing the available keys that are associated with this size.
      - No QMK software compatibility. QMK allows you to customize each and every key on the layout of the keyboard. This keyboard only offers the ability to customize and macro so far.

    • One of the best keyboards I ever owned before I had this problem. Sadly, after just 4 months of usage my letter A key started to press twice, aka key chatter. I bought this keyboard January 2019 and this issue started happening in May. I just found out about the firmware and how it could fix my issue, and it doesn't work. I do all the steps correctly, it says it successful, and I still have my issue. Disappointing. Had to backspace at least 10-15 times writing this review due to the key chattering. Ugh.

    • Not really Linux (or Mac) compatible. The keys chatter while you type. Very annoying. Apparently the fix is to update the firmware. But, sorry, that only works on Windows. MK, you should update the compatibility notes for this keyboard to be Windows-only compatible until Ducky can provide more than just exe firmware updates.

      (3 stars, because this is mostly about MK saying it was Linux compatible, but also Ducky does not provide compatibility info either.)

    • Amazing keyboard 10/10 came in 4 days

    • Amazing keyboard. Worried it would not come on my birthday but it came in 5 days. Im loving the cherry mx red silents its so quiet and amazing. Everythingt is amazing its just the rgb is hard to use but I don't even use rgb I use the standard rainbow. Amazing keyboard I love it

    • Fantastic product. It feels solid to type on and the stabilizers are fantastic which is a first for me after using Razer and Corsair keyboards. My only complaint is that the random keycaps included (from Ducky, not from MK) were not backlit, so the RGB doesn't shine through them. This could be a defect with just the keycaps in my order but since none of them are backlit I'll just assume it isn't. Its also worth noting that you can see the screws under the keycaps, but you really have to be looking to notice them, so I don't think that will be an issue for many.

    • I've used a Corsair keyboard a razer keyboard and none of those compare to the ducky one 2 mini definitely worth it's price which is great actually

    • It's very good and plus it looks nice. The only thing I hate is how you have to disconnect it because the lights don't turn off when you shut down your pc.

    • This keyboard is gorgeous. all the colors and the backlightning. you should buy this thing right now

    • great keyboard besides the fact that you can see a huge screw in the middle of the board and the key caps have some rattle to them

    • one of the best keyboards i ever had 10/10 got it in 4 days

    • Amazing keyboard. Works great. Shipping was 4-7 Days it came in 2. I also love in Canada so I was super surprised. Would definitely recommend this

    • Very good

    • This is a beautiful keyboard, but unfortunately it doesn't work well with Macs, which I am forced to use at work. The keyboard keeps disconnecting and it's necessary to unplug it and plug it again to make it work. Not a big deal, but having to do so a few dozens of times every day is frustrating and a productivity killer. A firmware update to fix the issue has been promised for months but hasn't arrived.

    • I ordered this 3 days ago and got it today. i'm very happy it did't take as long as people say it takes. It's amazing, I love it!

    • it is good.the first time i played with this i got 21 kills it is crazy!

    • I've used this keyboard for about a year now and I love it. I tried a bunch of keyboards and none of them compare to this keyboard.

    • Got this keyboard with the Mx Red switches, I've had Corsair and Razer products in the past, and have wanted a Ducky board for awhile; I just wasn't sure which one until I saw this one being hyped on youTube. The small footprint of the board does seem to help in gaming, and the keycaps and build quality are definitely superior to the big name products.

    • Have had keyboard since June and its been great but all of sudden its now double typing e and its really annoying and i have no idea how to fix other than that its been great

    • Very nice keyboard. High build quality, looks great, extremely versatile with the on board functions. I got it with the silent red switches and the sound really is nearly silent. Only negative is it feels a bit squishy when bottoming out due to the nature of the switches.

    • This keyboard is awesome. It's noticably more responsive then my last mechanical keyboard and there is zero raddle with the spacebar. The lighting is very pretty although I'm not able to adjust the brightness the way that the manual says to. Overall this is my best keyboard and I'm no longer planning on making a custom one.

    • Amazing Keyboard

    • This is a good keyboard

    • This keyboard is years away from any other keyboard manufacturers. I love that all the macro and LED settings are baked right into the PCB and even save your settings when unplugged. Also, this is the best keyboard EVER if you do any type of IT work like working on servers or terminals or even just fixing/troubleshooting PCs. As older servers you have to reboot into BIOS if you forgot or don't have a mouse on you. or if mouse capabilities don't work then I can just hold down my caps lock key with my pinky and now have a fully functional mouse using W,A,S,D. And Q for left click and E for right click. If you use the function layer alot I suggest Flipping the 3rd dip switch making your function key the caps lock key (as well as the regular function keys).

      AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. TO EVERYONE GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS BECAUSE OF DOUBLE KEY TYPING HAPPENING (chattering). UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT UPDATE IT CORRECTLY BEFORE WHINING AND THEN RMAing IT BACK ONLY TO HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN. I own 4 Ducky one 2 mini and not 1 of them has ever had key chatter, there's a reason this keyboard comes with a booklet, it has many settings. So many that most people don't even know you can play minesweeper or flip a coin on your keyboard.anyways to correctly upgrade the firmware unplug the keyboard, the hold down the 2 keys, while holding down those keys open up the firmware update program, then plug in your keyboard while still holding down the 2 keys. Then the "OK" button will now be accessible. Click on OK, while still holding down these 2 keys. Then it should finish and click Done. Now it's safe to let go of the two keysafterwards your keyboard shouldn't work. You now unplug it, and plug it back in. But you're still not done, the last part of the update process is to hold down both windows keys at the same time until your Ducky resets and flashes. Now it's done.

    • I just got my ducky in and it's great! The blue switches are very nice and clicky and I have had no problems! It came in very fast in just under a week! Thank you MK!

    • Pros
      -Pretty nice looking keyboard
      -loads of features
      -has silent red cherry mx

      -had to RMA my keyboard once for double clicking keys
      - the keys sounds different at various buttons ie. space is clacky and number keys are clicky and everything else is rather smooth but still really annoying.

    • So I got my keyboard and it is super duper great, came super fast said it was going to be on a Monday and it came on a Saturday, best place to buy any of your keyboard I recommend them a lot thank you mechanical keyboards for the keyboard!

    • I got the Cherry silver speed version absolutely if highest quality. Just wish they had better more affordable shipping options it took an entire week to get here with there free shipping. Quite frustrating. If you have double typing issues try adjusting the rebounce to a slower speed and than back to normal 10ms or even 5ms when you want to game again. The manual will tell you how on page 29

    • -Update on my last review- After receiving mine after sending it out for RMA it still has double typing problems. Maybe I was just unlucky but beware for those people that will also be using it for typing, pray that when you buy this keyboard you don't get a faulty one since it seems like from the reviews and reddit that it's not a low chance you get one that double types.

    • This is a fantastic keyboard! I was a bit concerned about it being 60%, but it still has all the functionality of a bigger board, while taking up half the space. I got brown switches and typing and gaming on them are a breeze. Would definitely recommend.

    • Keyboard is awesome! Got Cherry mx brown switches and they are quiet but also has a little tac/click to it so it's perfect. Coming from the Razer blackwidow which sounds awesome with the clickingness but gets too loud when gaming with friends as they could hear my keyboard 24/7. Now they don't hear it with the ducky brown switches. Overall amazing keyboard. Purchased the red rubber caps also 10/10 for feel and comfort. Going to purchase the Joker keycap set as well.

    • Noice

    • Double clicking keys within 6 months.

    • Popular (niche) product. Difficult to find these days, Manufacturer may be skimping on quality control. My (blue switch) unit requried excessive force to use at first and within 24 hours it stopped responding to all input except for reset. Good luck.

    • It's An Amazing Keyboard I prefer the brown or red switches. Thanks to Ducky for making this possible!

    • My ducky is amazing the red switches really do the trick they feel great and rlly easy to push down the extra key caps that came with my duck were nice to the shipping came in no time even though it was out of stock overall this is a really great website and the products on here are insanely good

    • Great keyboard, bought it last December but now I've been having double typing issues with it. I know how to use google and searched up what might be wrong and I saw a lot of people complain about it too. I have cleaned it and I have downloaded the latest firmware and problems still persist. If your're only using it for gaming then it probably will be fine. But as a college student that also has to make essays, it can get quite annoying. About to RMA this keyboard hoping for the best since I have seen reviews that despite sending it back and they still get the same problems.

    • It came fast only 9 days! It's made very well and the rgb is great thank you MK

    • Good

    • Pretty good keyboard has nice switches and key caps are easy to switch

    • Very good service might buy another for my brothers b-day.

    • tfue told me to buy it

    • im a little cynical when it comes to buying from sites i dont know of, so i did some research and decided to try it. mkeyboards far exceeded my expectations. they will be my primary goto in the future for gear. Thanks mkeyboards

    • I picked this board up after trying out my friend's board. This has become my daily driver over my Filco majestouch 2 mainly because the desk space I save. I also love that it comes with PBT caps out of the box. The only main gripe I have is that the stock case is plastic and that it's not a 65% with arrow keys. I managed to overcome the arrow key issue with rebinding, and there are several aftermarket case options to alleviate the plastic issue.

    • The RGB is super bright. Exactly as described. The PBT Doubleshot caps our amazing. Ducky even gives you extra color keycaps. The weird thing was when I got a numpad enter keycap when their no numpad!

    • i got so many dubs on fortnite with this keyboard!

    • Best 60% on the market! People compare Ducky to Anne Pro 2 but honestly their isnt a comparison to be made! 100% go with ducky, you aint gonna use the Bluetooth, so why not?! Plus I basically re-created Tfue's old keyboard purchasing everything from this site! Mechanical FTW!

    • For some reason my keyboards FN key isn't working, But everything else is really good

    • This keyboard is amazing you will not be disappointed.

    • Beautiful keyboard! I thought it came defective in the beginning because it kept double typing/key chattering but after researching on how to fix this I went to ducky's website ( to update its firmware and now it works like a sweet candy charm. Thanks ducky/ :)

    • Looks amazing

    • Best Keyboard on Market (btw mx browns feel very good)

    • Came on time, everything works perfectly. I had some issues with having no arrow keys , but was able to program them into the board using its macro.


    • Amazing keyboard! The functionality of the keyboard is great, and the RGB flows very well. Perfect size and design is A . Would highly recommend.

    • Coming from a Vortex RGB that I owned for 7 months, I bought this keyboard recently and only spent a few hours with it so far. Right away I notice absolutely no rattle or shaking from the stabilizers. The caps lock, shifts, spacebar, delete, enter feel and sound rock solid giving a completely consistent typing experience. The PBT keycaps feel much better, like a heavy duty matte finish. RGB Customization modes look great. I thought I would have a problem with the plastic casing, I can kind of bend this keyboard slightly by grabbing both sides and twisting, however, since I'll take care of it by leaving it completely still on a desk, I don't mind. I actually kind of enjoy how light it is and imo the whole thing feels premium despite being plastic. Extra functions are hardwired into the keyboard so you can't change how it's set up, but it's possible to set macros. Personally, I don't have the need to change function keys so this is acceptable for my use. I'm looking to use it for a few years, if it turns out to be durable and holds up the way it is then it's easily 5 stars. No ragrets.

    • This is a really clean keyboard. Totally worth the money, and also Tfue uses this keyboard soooooo I dont know.

    • I ordered this keyboard as I wanted a 60% keyboard considering I had a Full Sized keyboard and I am very happy that I bought it. The Cherry MX Brown switches feel great and are quite quiet and have a nice tactile feel to them as they are meant to, and I've had it for 1 week and there have been no issues. The provided "plastic dust guard" has been very useful to not have any dust in between the keys.

    • I love this keyboard i tried my brothers and i first thing i said was can i get one?
      I bought it 4 days ago so i hope it gets here before the weekend

    • Amazing keyboard, the ease of setting it up and it's accessibility is outstanding. Also has a very nice clean, sleek design.


    • I love this board and I really wish I had one, but I tried someone else's and it was amazing. I love this keyboard so so so much.

    • Pros:
      Keyboard feel is amazing the build quality is exceptional and its a great first option for people who want to downsize
      The ability to access everything with no additional software is amazing
      PBT keycaps on this keyboard is amazing
      unlike the Vortex POK3R its only 99$ which is super worth it if you ask me

      International shipping can take very long
      its always out of stock
      limited key switches

      I find this keyboard one of the best , only rivaled by other 60% keyboards like Anne Pro 2 , POK3R , Glorious GMMK compact

    • Amazing all around

    • Best keyboard ever can't complain only about the price just kidding it was awesome!

    • Pros: Product packaging was great. The keyboard is really nice quality, The user guide that you can find online is really helpful for programming it and such. The function layers are great and easy to use. The lighting is fun to play with as well as program.

      Cons: My first keyboard had a double typing issue. I was able to RMA through this website, but even my replacement had the exact same issue. I even updated to the latest firmware that was supposed to fix this issue, still no luck. Bad first impression of Ducky KB.

      I wanna give this product a good review, I just don't understand how I got two faulty products. I got this keyboard as a replacement for a full size and I fell in love with 60%. This keyboard is exactly what I wanted, its just the issue it so persistent to ignore and even firmware hasn't fixed the issue.

    • I think i'm super lucky if it comes to the shipping - Only 9 days after placing the order, i have got my keyboard, on the other side of the world, before the expected arrival time! I've heard that most people get theirs shipped in around a month, so i have to give massive bonus points for the fast shipping.

      I'm writing this review on the Ducky One 2 Mini itself:
      This is my first 60% keyboard and also my first mechanical that i actually own. While its "weird" getting used to not having basic keys like "Delete" in normal spots and instead under a "Fn" key combo, i love it! Its been aprox. 2 days since it arrived and the Cherry Brown switches feel amazing to type and play on. The keycaps feel very solid and the overall build quality is very great! The feet are a must have to me and are also very stable! I also am a fan of RGB and love it in this keyboard, my only complaint about it is just the lack of options. Also thanks to its small size, it fits perfectly on my small desk, which was a huge problem with my old, full-sized keyboard!

      If you could not tell, i love this keyboard! Out of all the ones i've owned, this is by far my favorite.

      It is a little bit more towards the "expensive side" however and the demand is quite big, so why did i choose this instead of the Anne Pro 2 for example?

      It came down to personal preference really. The Anne Pro 2, while i believe is a very solid option, has a weird font which i'm not very fond of, it is stuck at one size (no feet) and i wanted to try out true Cherry switches (ik that the Anne recently got Cherry switches option as well, but i found that out after ordering the Ducky) - hence as said before, this is my first mechanical that i actually own myself. Also i've heard some models having issues. So i just went safe and bought the Ducky, however was it really worth 2x price tag (include shipping)? For me, yes. Since i don't plan buying a new keyboard in the next coming years, i wanted to get the option that i know i'm going to be fully happy with, instead of the Anne Pro 2 that i MAY have issues with and MAY find some of the lacked features annoying in the long run. As said before, i believe its a solid option, but if you have a higher budget (and shipping does not cost as much as half the keyboard itself) - go with the Ducky.

      Overall i'm very pleased with the Keyboard. The shipping was fast (while expensive) and the product is high quality and great!

    • This keyboard is for you ! I think it's actually the best on the market ! The brown switches are insaaaaanes !!!!

      French : Je vous conseil a fond ce clavier il est super, surtout avec les switchs marrons qui ne sont pas tres bruyant et qui ont un confort de frappe sublime !!

      Gama from France

    • it is a very nice keyboard ive seen plenty of streamers use them and say its the best keyboard on the market which i agree with but there is one problem with it you cant get uk layouts for it

    • This is by far the best mechanical keyboard on the market right now. It is compact, well built, and the keycaps are magnificent and will not wear down. I know many Twitch streamers use this keyboard and use custom keycaps, but I honestly think that the keycaps on this keyboard are better than most, so there's no need to switch them out. The RGB is bright and vibrant, but if it's too much for your eyes, especially in the dark (the only annoyance that I have experienced thus far), you can easily turn down the brightness using the user's manual/guide included in the package. I totally recommend this keyboard to anybody who is a casual gamer, wannabe streamer, or office typist (if you are the latter make sure to get the red or brown switches, they are quieter for office work).

    • Hands down the cleanest, nicest, and overall best performance I have gotten from a keyboard 5/5*

    • Best Keyboard ever made! Best Price and Best Quality!

    • BEST KEYBOARD OUT IN THE MARKET. So many useful functions are programmed into this keyboard. I'm a Fortnite streamer and trying to be a pro player, this has everything I need, small, compact size for more mouse room. High quality keycap and rgb lighting, giving it a premium look and feel. One of the best investments i've ever had. ill probably buy more when newer models comes out, its a great product, great company, high quality. WORTH IT

    • As far as mech keyboard goes, this is a good keyboard. However, if you use both MacOS and Windows, this keyboard has one super annoying issue.

      It seems that this keyboard is not detectable by the Mac while booting up, meaning you cannot boot into the Boot Menu or the Target Disk Mode by holding onto the left ALT or T during boot. This works perfectly even on my very old and cheap Logitech Windows keyboard. I'm not sure why this doesn't work with the Ducky.

      I have to boot into both MacOS and Windows frequently, so it's really annoying not being able to do this easily.

    • The keyboard in itself is really good, good quality, it feels good tu use. But can't you make a dedicated application for managing the rgb and the macros? You need to go through all of your profile to find where you binded a specific macro and cycle through all of the rgb option to find the right one. A bit disappointed about that aspect.

    • Just received my keyboard, it's amazing, now i can click circles without hurting my wrist and waking up my whole neighborhood !

    • I think this keyboard is the best I had over 30 keyboard from Razer corsair and others and this key board is my favorite key board I ever had GET IT

    • love this keyboard it is good but the wasd was only 1 color u i needed to use the firmware to fix it besides that amazing broad

    • This is by far the best keyboard I've ever owned. I've owned a couple mechanical keyboards but this right here is the best one.

      It has superb build quality, it sounds amazing, coloring of the keyboard is amazing. No extra software, all the color changing is built in.


    • Hello amazing board i have got it yesterday no problems but the wasd didn't change color the lights so i needed to do the firmware and it worked

    • Absolutely amazing keyboard. I have the Silent Red switches and the material of the key caps makes it feel so satisfying when you type. Best keyboard I've ever used.

    • This keyboard is honestly the best keyboard I've ever used. I have the Silent Red switches and they feel amazing. It's so satisfying to type with this. This is a very high quality keyboard and it looks even better in person. I would recommend this keyboard, especially with the Silent Red switches, to anyone who is looking for a solid gaming/typing keyboard. The RGB lights are a great addition as well. Overall, I give this keyboard a 10/10.

    • This is litttttttttttttttttttttttttt I saw it and was happy

    • This thing is pretty sweet. No issues so far.

    • Just got my keyboard today and it was phenomenal its the best 60% keyboard and since half the community plays fortnite because almost everyone got this keyboard because tfue uses it. Yes it is a good keyboard for fortnite

    • OK i Have been using this keyboard since yesterday and i am shocked on how good it is. I'm typing with it right now and the sound is wonderful. Gaming with this keyboard is so good because it saves up so much space on your table. The only thing that is wrong is I wanted the year of the dog space bar but i got year of the pig, But that is my fault i ordered it late so yeah. The key caps are good and the other extras (pinkish red) Look good as well. And i ordered it When they were in stock (Brown switches, last Friday) and they got here Monday. Shout out Mk for the great KB!!!

    • Great keyboard, feels nice an solid, cherry red switches feel comfortable for me. Definitely recommend this keyboard 100%.

    • small will fit in almost every table you have. you will have a lot of room because of this keyboard. that is one reason why i bought it.

    • It is the best keyboard ever

    • Absolutely amazing keyboard - for the first 3 months or so.
      After that some of the keys became faulty and it would type twice even though i only pressed them once. This isn't a problem in gaming but more for typing literally anything out. I'm in the process of RMA'ing this so hopefully it gets fixed. Will keep you guys updated if anything changes.

      From MK: Sorry for the trouble. Please note: the firmware on this product page should fix the issue you're describing. If you've already shipped it out for the RMA, we'll install it for you. If not, you can download it here and it should do the trick.

    • This is the best keyboard I've ever had and I think you should pick one up for yourself!

    • Great keyboard!

    • Great keyboard with a tiny foot print. I was worried about "alleviating" myself of all the extra keys for the extra mouse real estate, but it's hardly noticeable when gaming. Free roam of the mouse with all the shooters I play, and no lack of keys to keep up!

    • Great keyboard! The shipping is very fast, from the US to Switzerland only took about 1 week! The package is nice and easily to dispose. The User manual is easily written and the key caps you get are cool as well! Would be nice if you could choose the color for the key caps though but still, it is amazing! At the beginning it is a bit confusingon how to change the backlit but the more you try it the better you get used to it. Would definetely order again and recommend a friend! 10/10

    • I don't have the keyboard but my friend does and it is a overall beast and I just love the feel and the RGB I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a keyboard like this one.

    • The keyboard feels amazing had a bunch of keyboards before this one. This no doubt has the best keystroke, but manufacturing could be better as I touch the side the board creaks.

    • Recommend. Greatest 60% keyboard on the market right now. I ordered on December 10th and got it January 11th. I got silent red switches and it is the best. It is capable of doing everything you want that would be on a full sized board, and can even do macros. The quality is amazing on this board and is a huge upgrade. Worth the wait, but waiting for this keyboard to arrive feels like time got slower. Love it. Thanks Ducky.

    • this is one of the best keyboards ever i love it.

    • I love this keyboard. I got the Cherry MX Brown's and they feel so nice to game and type with. I highly recommend this keyboard for someone wanting to become more competitive as a gamer or even just someone who likes to type. It is extremely compact and looks amazing on my desk. The previous keyboard I had was fairly big with only a numpad but this keyboard has everything you can want in a keyboard with different settings to press different keys. I also love the RGB features of this keyboard. It looks amazing with my room lights turned off and it is very customizable with various different colors to choose from. As I said earlier, you should definitely look into buying this keyboard. 10/10

    • My board does not squeak when pressed in from the sides.
      Feels solid. Maybe better with later batches or luck.

      Update the firmware if you plan on the macros and everything else to work correctly. At first the skip/pause/next track macro was not working (Spotify) before the update.

      Ordered the Cherry MX Red Version on Feb 13. Arrived March 14th. NA.

    • Just received Mine yesterday.
      Noticed there is a weird rustle sound while moving the keyboard from left to right, near the enter cap, unter the caps ofc, Sounds like something lost it hold Inside.

    • i'm really please with the quality of the keyboard an i got my really fast

    • This keyboard made me realize what quality really is in a keyboard and I thank ducky and mechanical keyboard for that experience very much.

    • I've used the keyboard before but i wasnt mine. As soon as i hit one key i fell in love with it. But at a local store it was like 300$ and i was sad :( but my friend showed me this site and bam BEST PRICES IN THE WORLD!

    • Outstanding keyboard!!
      I love it got it for my birthday and the best keyboard iv'e gotten by far.

    • So, I got the cherry silver switches on my ducky mini and they are just what I was looking for. The silvers are comparable to the red switches but they have a shorter travel distance. This is my first time purchasing from Mechanical Keyboards and I am impressed with the build quality and feel so far, the keycaps are very well made and sound great. If you have ever thought about getting a 60% keyboard, this is the one to start with even though the hidden functions are difficult to figure out in the manual. Other than that though, everything is wonderful, the built-in software for RGB control is super easy to use. Overall I highly recommend this keyboard for anyone needing a compact and stylish gaming or typing keyboard although I recommend the brown switches if you go for typing.

    • Every aspect of this keyboard is amazing, from the build quality to the amount of features it possesses. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The wait time is always unbearable but estimates are given ahead of time and trust me when I say the wait is totally worth it.

    • Thank you. Very cool!

    • Great keyboard! I could not be anymore happy with it. Keyboard is made extremely good and sturdy, And lets talk about the amazing RGB on this keyboard cause its definitely one of the best i have seen.

    • So I want to start by saying that the customer support from mk guys is phenomenal. I know now by actually visiting the shop quite a few times. But for what I can say about the keyboard it is amazing. This is actually the second one that I own, First one being a silent red and boy can I say that i love this keyboard. My second one now is a speed switch for gaming and its just incredible thanks guys !. And also a special thanks to the vet that they have working there that dude helped me the day I went to go get mine. Hes great man thanks again brother hooah!

    • one of the best 60 % keyboards out there. i do recommend the keyboard

    • Hands down one of the best keyboards that i have ever used and maybe my top 1 of keyboards, just so sleek and responsive, Ducky is definitely a AAA keyboard company for sure no doubt about it. I bought my Ducky with CherryMX blue switches and by far are my favorite, would recommend

    • This keyboard is my first and favorite. I have brown switches and these feel very good. The only con though is that the waiting takes forever. Mine took a month and everyday I would check on my order. The ETA can sometimes change so don't be too confident and sure about it. But other than that this keyboard is great.

    • great shipping fast working and hard working good job mechanical keyboards and Ducky, thank you for the free keycaps i hope you guys in the future become the greatest keyboard company as you already are!

    • I bought the keyboard with mx silver (speed) switches and am honestly really happy with it. I had mx silents in my strafe rgb, but I needed more space on my desk, hence the new keyboard. I ordered this keyboard on 2/1/19 and received it 2/25/19. So i mean while it was quite the wait, I would say in my case the wait was worth it. I honestly really like my keyboard, the quality is great imo. the stabilizers are much better than the ones on my strafe rgb, but maybe the one I got was just bad. I am glad I made the switch to the ducky, I can't wait to use it even more.

    • Now let's all be honest here. All of us found out about this keyboard because of Tfue. There is a lot of hype around this keyboard, and now I understand why. I purchased the Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches and it is a gorgeous, and simplistic keyboard. Personally, I think Razer products have the best RGB lighting in the market, and the Ducky One 2 Mini rivals that. Beautiful, sleek, and shiny design, with drop dead gorgeous lighting.

    • Amazing Keyboard! Just arrived today and I am very happy with it. So far I have had no problems and I want you to know that this keyboard is a steal for the price of 100 dollars. ORDER IT NOW!

    • Beautiful keyboard. Keys felt really good. It did not come damaged it was a very nice keyboard. This keyboard was worth the wait

    • Best 60% board on the market 10/10

    • it was worth the wait, way more comfortable than a full keyboard. This keyboard is by far my favorite one and will be buying another one for my streaming pc!

    • It is a solid keyboard But mine came broken The usb c plug in was unreachable from the actual port for it. Along with the shipping probably damaging it. 4 out of the 6 screws didn't even come screwed in. I am hoping I do not have a broken plate and that is able to be fixed.

    • Worth the wait, much more comfortable than a full keyboard. Took no time getting used to and the switches are better than expected. Big fan coming from more expensive keyboards.

    • Best thing ive ever bought for myself in awhile. Grab one.

    • Cherry MX SR are the best. I've had the keyboard a few days and it is best keyboard EVER. Plenty of room to flick without hitting my number keypad or arrow keypad. I play R6S (Plat 2) so I had no idea who TFUE was until I saw kids on here saying TFUE sent them. RIP to the real gamers who actually did research and want this keyboard to improve their gaming. It took 46 days to get my keyboard that's why I'm leaving a 4 star review. The review is for the Ducky keyboard, it is not a review for It is not fault for the back orders. That being said, I don't want to see anyone else on here complain unless it's been longer than 46 days. GLHF.

    • I would give the Ducky One 2 Mini 5 stars. It is an outstanding keyboard with outstanding performance. I personally got the brown switches. Coming from blues, its a world of a difference. Browns still give an audible click and they are super silent. I have got to say, the space bar and delete key are both AMAZING. They space bar just has a feeling I can't describe, and the delete key is super satisfying. On customer service of Mechanical Keyboards, I would give them a 3. I ordered on January 3rd and got it today on February 14th. The ETA was the 27th, so when I saw that no shipments had arrived on the 27th, I contacted a MK personnel. He said that he would need the order number and order name. I don't have the order number because my cousins bought it for me. A couple of days later I got tired of waiting and emailed again. This MK employee was very helpful. He said that the date had been pushed back to the 7th. I got really tired of waiting and was planning to cancel just as it arrived. Worth the wait? Probably not. Up to you. I already had a fully functional keyboard and I would give that one 3 stars.

    • Great keyboard, love the durability and small form factory of it HOWEVER, mine is defective.

      As I type this you'll notice how there are double spaces in between every other word. That's because one of the spacebar switches is faulty and needs to be replaced. I contacted customer support in which they are happy to replace it however that means that I will be out of a keyboard doe 2-3 weeks which I no one wants to go through. It's upsetting as it seems like this product was not tested before being shipped out so that says something about the Quality Assurance for this company.

      I've decided to replace the switch myself as it will take me a day to learn and complete as opposed to 2 to 3 weeks if I were to send it back.

      Just know that even though these are in extremely high demand this company doesn't seem to do any testing before shipping and you could end up with a defective unit.

    • amazing keyboard recommend to anyone thats a games. Its a must have.

    • Best Keyboard money can buy. Looks great with untraviolet keycaps, and is compact, light and has 8 lighting modes, which you can change by pressing FN Alt T, so really simple. One con is that it would be cool to have software as well to further the ability to change the lighting modes, but I%u2019m in the ducky discord server and that is supposedly coming soon.

    • Overall a great keyboard and definitely recommend, but with some slight annoyances. I love that software isn't required and the ability to customize different profiles and color layers. I wish there were more color layers though. The instructions could be more thorough, for example switching the capslocks key to fn doesn't get rid of capslocks, but this isn't stated in the instructions. ( you can still use capslocks with shift capslocks ). The fact that it has height adjustment feet is great and not some cheap magnetic variant that falls off on movement. At the 100$ price point, I think this has to be the most feature full 60% keyboard.

      Some things that could've been improved:
      - The creaking of the sides the plastic is very 'bendable' and creaks.
      - There is no 'sleep mode' for the RGB lights. It would be nice if they would turn off after a set or adjustable amount of time. Also they do not turn off when my PC is turned off. My other mechanical keyboards do turn off.
      - The USB c cable is pretttttty short in my opinion I had to order a longer one which is extra cost.

      This is my first "Ducky" keyboard so I hope it'll last reading some other reviews, it's a little discouraging seeing that some of the keys on the keyboard are starting to fail. I hope Ducky has some good customer service if this problem would ever arise.

      Mechanicalkeyboards has had great shipping service so far I'm definitely going to/and have already order more from them in the future.

      People who are complaining about shipping and back-ordering need to get a life not really mechanicalkeyboards fault for ducky not being able to produce the demand.

    • Really great keyboard overall, except various keys (especially the S) suffers from extreme key chatter after only 2 months of use. I have the brown switches.

    • The keyboard is great. The reason I got it was because it was a decent amount and I needed space. I got the red switches they are clicky but if you want really clicky id go with the blue. My only problem with the keyboard is all the Tfue fanboys that think buying a keyboard will make them better at fortnite. Shipping takes about a month so I got mine at a pretty decent time if you were to order now expect a sweet wait time. haha

    • Received the keyboard in the mail a week before it's estimated scheduled restock date and it is wonderful. The packaging is so nice. Loving the feel and sound of the keys. Honesty of one of the best 60% keyboards out there.

    • I ordered the Mini on the 17th of December and it arrived January 19th. The keyboard is nice ans small making a great for keeping my desk looking less clustered. The customization is amazing. and built in games are pretty cool. also the key caps and rgb are amazing. In conclusion buy the keyboard. I WAS SENT BY TFUE

    • Great keyboard even though I have only have for only a day. The structure and quality of this keyboard is amazing! I got the mx reds and custom keycaps to go along with them and everything is just perfect about it.

    • Great keyboard. 10/10! The brown switches are great. This is one of my first 60% keyboards and I highly recommend it. Pre-order it before you have to wait longer. It's worth it. trust me.

    • This is a good overall keyboard this keyboard last a long time because of the keyboards base a structure and switches

    • This keyboard is perfect! Just order (preorder) it and go about your life for a little bit. Definitely worth the wait! I got mine a few days earlier than they predicted and I couldn't be happier. The keycaps are solid and have a great feel, the red silent switches are so smooth, and the stabilizers feel really nice! I couldn't be happier!

    • Haven't gotten my order yet but I WAS NOT SENT BY TFUE. Reviews look great and I can't wait to try out this keyboard. Although the hardest thing I'm gonna have to get used to is the arrow keys.

    • I got mine with the Cherry MX Silvers. For me the best setup for gaming. Since the Silvers have low travel they are indeed extremely sensitive and have extremely short reaction times. It works out just fine for me playing Fortnite and i love typing with them. I prefer them over my Quickfire TK CM Storm with Cherry Blues

    • I got the cherry mx reds amazing keyboard. It took 40 days to get the keyboard but it was worth the wait. I would wait again for the keyboard if I had to. The best keyboard ever.

    • Um. Just buy it. It's literally the best keyboard. My recommendation is Cherry browns good for gaming and typing.

    • I have only had 4 mechanical keyboards before, and this is the best out of all of them. It took a month took ship due to the popular streamer "Tfue" advertising it which I was annoyed by, but it was worth it in the long-run.

    • Wow this board is great I got brown switches and they feel Amazing. My keyboard I used before was Logitech G910 wasn't bad but was big and romer switches you either like or hate. Love how small the board is and the key caps are one of best on the market feel good when typing or gaming. This is a no brainer if your looking for new keyboard.

    • Very sturdy build quality, and the RGB light modes are eye candy to look at. No problems with this keyboard so far, and would definitely recommend for anyone in the market for a 60% keyboard.

    • I was expecting so much out of this keyboard before it arrived and I can say that exceeded my expectations and 100% worth the wait. Mine took a little over 3 weeks to get here for the speed switches but I still couldn't recommend it enough. The only downside is that the RGB lighting isn't completely customizable but it still looks beautiful.

    • Took around 32 days to get to my house, wish they would speed the process up. The keyboard is great, no flex, the keycaps feel really thick and strong, and the switches feel responsive. The rgb lighting isnt too bright, it could light up a whole room though if you want it super bright. The keycaps they give you are really cool, year of the dog spacebar and random color keycaps for wasd and others. The stabilizers are great, and just a little or no spacebar rattle at all. Worth it, but dont get too hyped its gonna take a while

      Taking off one star for the delivery, the keyboard itself is one of the best ive used. Got it in blues also

    • Keyboard is awesome feels amazing, went with brown switches and am happy I did because this keyboard is flawless

    • I ordered this on the 17th of December and was told to expect it Mid to the end of January, I just recieved it today on the 2nd and cant be happier with it,, feels amazing and is worth the wait, wasn't too long, but still worth, ENJOY fellow Tfue fans. P.S. it won't make you like Tfue and it is a smaller keyboard, so choose wisely :)

    • So I have had my One 2 Mini for just over a month now, ordering it in October. I had to send it back just before Xmas due to the R key having issues. I got it back just after xmas, and was excited to use it again, only to have issues with 2 more keys now. Overall, its a great board, but having to send it back 2 times already, kinda frustrating. I do hope this can get fixed like the R key, but also hope I dont have issues in just a few more weeks now. So for now, 3 stars, 5 if I can finally enjoy it and not have to deal with paying for shipping to get it fixed this often.

    • I bought this keyboard on December first not expecting it till after Christmas but got it on the 18, in all it is the best keyboard I have ever used it's light wieght compared to my corsair k70 (brown switches) and it is over all great. I got the silvers because I didn't want to wait on the browns but after a few days they feel almost exactally like the browns. I also got the joker keycap set those have not come in though. So basically the best keyboard and that's straight facts. Also tfue uses it, and I killed him so basically I'm better than him. YT: Onnline

    • I have still not recieved the board after 12 days. I was given the board to see if I like it from a friend and I absolutely loved. I ordered the Cherry MX Blue Switches have seem to be specifically backed up on orders. I would like to know why my order is taking so long.

      To all Tfue fans:
      By buying this keyboard with the though that you will become as good as Tfue is absurd. The odds of you ever being near as good as Tfue is little to none. You are causing a shortage in PC peripherals. You are the main reason talented players such as my self and countless others are unable to get the adiquate equipment for streaming or tournaments. I have been following ducky since they released the Ducky Shine 7, one of the best keyboards made by Ducky. Ducky fans and real gaming enthusiasts should be prioritized, not these 10 and 12 year old punks that think having a Mech keyboard will make them better at Fortnite and Minecraft.

      To everyone that deserves a Ducky:
      I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will have to stick together through the Christmas break noobs, memory and GPU shortages and all the other horrors of the modern tech age.

      Follow @____cole_

    • Had the keyboard for a few days now and I love it great product from ducky, highly recommend.

    • I bought 3, a silver, silent red and brown. I'm keeping the brown and silver, I really liked the silver, they feel slightly lighter then other silvers I tried, I even modded the springs on a Corsair Rapidfire to be lighter, and this ducky feels great out of the box.

      By the way, I didnt liked the fact that this tipe of keycaps don't let much light through, so they are average on the RGB department IMHO, I ended up changing all the keys. One thing to keep in mind, this keyboard is great for gaming, you can customize the debounce time to as low as 5ms, which is very good.

    • OK so my first ducky keyboard i bought back in October i gifted to my cousin. I'm trying to buy another one for my self and i see a bunch of tfue fan buying this keyboard because tfue has it. stop taking your moms credit card.

    • Amazing keyboard highly recommend it

    • Tfue sent me here I%u2019m getting red keys

    • TFUE SENT ME HERE. Sliver/speed switches are the BEST!

    • I love this keyboard, the build quality is amazing! I bought the brown switches and they are great!

    • this keyboard is great the only problem is all the tfue fans are buying it, im trying to buy one for my little brother and every time i try its always sold out, its all these 10 year olds asking for their moms credit card so they can think they are this tfue

    • AMAZING keyboard
      Slow shipping but its cool

    • So I got the ducky one 2 mini a few days ago, so far, its a very solid keyboard. I went with the silent red switches and they are very quiet. If your trying to find a compact keyboard for a small desk, its great, my reasoning for docking a star off from 5 is the plastic case, it doesn't feel cheap by any means but an extra effort to make the keyboard more sturdy would be much appreciated. Another complaint I found with this keyboard is keycaps, they feel a little flimsy but nothing too noticeable. Overall a great keyboard for gaming, typing, and coding. Would recommend!

    • Just got my brown switches today, and I have to say I am in love. Best keyboard I ever used. The RGB options are dope too. Feels durable and the keystrokes are smooth as butter. 10 out of 5

    • This keyboard has been absolutely amazing so far! I am actually typing on it right now and it feels phenomenal. I ordered mine around the beginning of the November when demand for this particular board was starting to get extremely high. Despite a few delays, was able to get it shipped to me as soon as it was available and they were also quick to respond when I inquired about status updates. This was my first 60% keyboard and also my first mechanical keyboard in general so I am blown away at the quality and the form factor. The board feels extremely sturdy and has a surprising amount of weight to it. I got mine with MX brown switches and I am very pleased with my choice due to the low sound profile and tactile feel. If you are on the fence about getting a 60% keyboard because of the apparent loss of functionality do not be deterred because this keyboard in particular makes it extremely easy to access all function keys and even arrow keys. In the end I would most definitely recommend this board and this website to anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard. Enjoy!


    • Overall very good keyboard and possibly my favorite. Although I did not get a free case and some of the key caps felt like they weren't carefully manufactured. Some of the keys were unusual. Everything else was perfectly fine and awesome keyboard!

    • I bought this keyboard with the silent red option, primarily for gaming and light coding. The keyboard is sturdy, and the key press is smooth with a nice feel at the bottom, the silent reds live up to their name, these switches should not cause problems with roommates or coworkers.

    • I use this keyboard for office work, gaming and travel. Overall weight is good and key strokes feel great, especially with 70A orings (using Brown switches). RGB lighting is nice. Main negative is the plastic case. The bezels have a lot of flex and the sides squeak a good amount. The One 2 TKL is built a lot better but the size of the mini is more appealing to me.

    • Honestly wish i knew about this keyboard much much much more sooner then now This is the best keyboard after having a Razer, HyperX, and Corsair this if by far the most premium feel and best brand in general. I would reccomend this keyboard/brand in a heartbeat

    • This was my first 60% keyboard and I love it. It is much lighter, and more portable than other keyboards. The keys feel great. I got mine in Cherry MX Brown and I really like it. It is silent, and fast. The keyboard came with keycaps, and I also liked them. It came with a year of the dog space bar, and it looks amazing. I learned about this keyboard by watching Tfue's stream, and it was really worth it to buy it. I 100% recommend this to everyone that is interested in buying this keyboard.

    • Great little board, stabs sound decent out of the box, and overall build quality is OK, but I'm docking it 1 star for the all plastic case, it makes it feel a bit cheap. If they had done a metal top like the larger versions it would have been nice.
      Overall I would recommend it for a persons first 60% if you want to try that size.

    • Not a review, but why I am interested in this keyboard to begin with.

      I have owned different Ducky keyboards through the past 5 years and am a big fan. I was watching Tfue's stream recently and saw him using this 60% model and just had to try it out. I am also an avid gamer and he is one of the better Fortnite players so why not give it a try!

    • Tfue sent me here

    • One of the coolest looking boards, and keys and switches feel great. Mixed feelings when it comes to the plastic case. Coming from a pok3r which has a metal case, the thin sides of this board are really pliable and the sides tend to creak at the seams when squeezed. However it is a 1 when it comes to easy transport due to its light weight.

      Also ducky only has rgb software supporting the full size and tkl version of this board, but doesn't support this ducky one 2 `

    • Love this keyboard! I came from a Razer TKL with clicky switches to this board with silent reds. I used to think the razer board felt "premium." Boy, was I wrong. From the thick pbt keycaps, the smooth silent reds, to the hefty feel of the whole board, this is the best $100 you can spend on a board IMO.

      Two features I particularly like are that you can turn dip switch 3 on and use the caps lock as an additional Fn key (caps will still toggle) , as well as change the layout of the right alt, win, fn, and ctrl keys on the bottom right. These features help you to use the Fn layer much more easily.

      Also, the RGB lighting is beautiful.

      Buy this board in your favorite switch type! You won't regret it!

    • Went from the Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry MX Speeds to this and all i can say is wish I never bought that 200$ keyboard cause this is so much better in every way :O Just going to need to learn all the function keys

    • Got my ducky one 2 mini yesterday and all I can say is WOW. Top notch quality,it has weight to it and is sturdy. This thing is jammed with function and it's going to take a while to get used to it, but that's all in time. Highly reccomend ducky and

    • Bought it because of tfue and needed a new keyboard

    • This is my first mechanical keyboard and I love it. It's so satisfying to type on. I went with blue switches and they work great. The extra keycaps that came in the box offered some nice customization options, and the Year of the Dog space bar looks fantastic. My delete key is sticking just a little bit, but it's nothing detrimental and it may just need to be broken in.
      Overall the keyboard feels sturdy and is quite heavy despite the plastic body. There's zero deck flex and overall the quality is great. The user manual was easy to navigate and setting up the LED lighting effects was a breeze. The front part of the manual is in Chinese, but the other half is in English and is easy to understand.

    • So far It's amazing. This is my first 60% keyboard and I love it. Only thing is that I noticed I reach for the delete and arrow keys still, which aren't there. But the keyboard makes up for it by using the default macros and you can set up your own so that's a real plus. All in all best keyboard I've had.

    • This is my favorite keyboard I've ever owned. I love the 60% form factor. The RGB is awesome. The build quality and looks are awesome. And after owning reds and blues, I think that brown is my favorite MX cherry switch of all time.

      One thing to consider that I hadn't: you have no arrow keys. As a programmer, I noticed this almost immediately. If you are using this for work (and not just for gaming), you will need to get used to some macros.

      That said, I'm extremely satisfied. Of the 3 mechanical keyboards I've owned, this is by far the best.

    • Awesome keyboard! My first 60% keyboard and it does not disappoint. Just have to get used to the new switches i ordered and smaller layout. Tons of extra keycaps as well!

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