Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro Panda White LED 65% Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

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Ducky x Varmilo MIYA Pro Panda Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
Varmilo EC Sakura thumbnailVarmilo EC Sakura
Varmilo EC Rose thumbnailVarmilo EC Rose
Varmilo EC Ivy thumbnailVarmilo EC Ivy
Varmilo EC Daisy thumbnailVarmilo EC Daisy



  • White LED Primary LEDs: White (THT)
  • White LED Control LEDs: White


  • Compact 65% form factor
  • White LED backlight
  • Thick Dye Sub PBT keycaps
  • Varmilo EC or Cherry switches
  • Two-stage height adjustable feet
  • Original Panda colorway

Details and Specifications

BrandDucky x Varmilo
ModelMIYA Pro
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED ColorWhite
Control LED ColorWhite
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Linux CompatibleYes
Dimensions4.13" x 13.27" x 2.09"
Weight2.29 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • Keyboard is phenomenal. Kinda a shame though waiting a month and not getting a manual included in box.

  • Amazing keyboard. I dont know why I didn't buy one of these before. Hands down better than any other mech keyboard i've used

  • this is truly an excellent keyboard! i got it last may as an upgrade to a generic $40 chinese board i'd been using for a couple years, and could not be more pleased with the purchase all these months later. the build quality is superb, with the board itself feeling hefty and robust and emitting zero rattle or metallic ping on key strokes, ensuring that all you hear is the lovely sound of key clacks (if you went with cherry mx browns like i did, i am decidedly anti-clicky switch). the thing is a joy to type on daily, i can't recommend it highly enough. the included panda caps look and feel great, but i swapped them out for a set of tai-hao backlit caps - on that note, the backlighting is also a lovely touch, with a bunch of great built-in lighting schemes. overall, there's not enough nice things to say about this board, varmilo knocked it out of the park.

  • just received this keyboard with cherry mx clear keys, all i have to say is this product is 100% worth every bit of money spent very high quality and very very nice feeling when typing and playing games (extremely responsive). this keyboard also comes with a very cute varmilo large mousepad with a nice print and very high quality, comes with extra keys that have a whole panda family for every key. overall very cute and a very high quality keyboard with a premium feel and a superb packing job.

  • i love this keyboard, for gaming and typing! i upgraded from a corsair k95 platinum and holy smokes what a difference, the space bar stabilizers are god tier compared to corsair, and the designs are amazing. everything feels premium and it also comes with a small panda and XL mouse pad. highly recommend

  • This is the first mechanical keyboard I've owned and I am in love with it. I got cherry brown switches and they feel really tactile without being obnoxiously loud. Also, I find the stuffed panda and mousepad nice touches. Overall, I'd recommend the keyboard to anyone that likes pandas and a great mechanical, compact keyboard.

  • The keyboard is great. The extra space in the 65% layout really feels nice to use. The Page Up key is always illuminated regardless of whether you are using the built in backlight and since the keys aren't double shot the backlight only comes through around the edges making it pretty much useless.

    That being said, the keycap pictures are very clear, the texture is nice and the switches both feel / sound good for what they are. If this had backlit compatible keycaps and something like Zilent switches it would be the ultimate board. Great buy!

  • Great keyboard

  • My first mechanical keyboard - bought because of the arrow key layout and subtle lighting effects. Brown switches feel very nice, I love the space bar especially. I've swapped a few key caps around with no problems. The bonus panda that was included is cute and well made, the desk mat is well made but not something I use.

  • i cant belive that this keyboard comes with full size mat and a stuf animal the deal.

  • At first I was a bit scared to pay so much for this keyboard since I bought other gaming keyboards and they were not this much. But the moment I typed on this keyboard you could feel a difference from a cheap corsair keyboard to this. I also love the feedback, Its not too much but very responsive. I thinks this is a great keyboard for anyone looking into getting a smaller form factor keyboard but want something with arrow keys.

    I have had this for about 2 weeks and still feels amazing! This will last me a long time(BTW, I bought the one with Cherry MX brown switches)

  • Nice keyboard, like all the additional accessories that came with it.

    I have the clear cherry mx switches version of this keyboard. When i went to pull the A keycap off to switch it with the panda A, the stem came out with it. I tried to push it back in but no luck. Be very careful when pulling keycaps out with these switches!!

  • just got mine a few days ago, but i am in love.
    like many other reviews i've read, i wake up in the morning and am excited to type/game on this keyboard.
    it is by far the smoothest feeling keyboard i've used.
    and it comes with a DOPE mousepad and a lil desk companion!

  • So first things first, let me promise you I am a different David from the reviewer below because (like him,) I wake up in the morning and literally get excited to type on this thing. It's just an absolute blast. Let's dive in shall we?

    1. Gonna have to quickly mentioned that this thing was ordered on a Tuesday and arrived in the mail at my place on Friday. Processed, shipped, and delivered in 3 days during a global pandemic, nice work!
    2. The weight, build, and size are all outstanding. It just feels, solid. Varmillo gave it a great and quality little "chunky" feel to it and the key caps, design, and colors are all lovely. I can't get over how fun the panda theme is, right down to the bamboo lettering on the key caps. And of course, the 65% is absolutely perfect for my work from home environment. Can't beat getting nearly the size of a 60 but with arrow keys and a few more function keys for ***** and gigs.
    3. Lastly the typing. I ordered mine with MX Browns (only cuz I eventually will be taking it to work, I'm a big fan of the click from blues but I don't want to be murdered by my co workers) The key press is swift but meaty. I can type an easy 75-80 WPM with little error due to the key caps all being the standard size, and like I said, I just kinda get into how great it sounds and feels to type on.

    Ok yes a draw back or two fine. As CUTE as that little stuffed Panda that does come with it, and as high quality and cool as the giant mouse pad is, I wouldn't have minded having the option to pass on them due to the kinda high cost for this baby. Additionally, the white LEDs are a nice touch and provide some spice to the layout but are minimal at best and only look alright, but I'm not a huge back light guy to begin with, so no huge loss. I will add that I had no issues with having to re-purpose or re-program any of the number keys, which had apparently been a problem with one or two reviewers here.

    5 stars guys and gals, the Miya pro is beautiful and legit. Comes with a green panda escape key and 4 other panda themed keys to swap out if you like. Quality USB-C cord and great and sturdy packaging round out the kit. Thanks Varmillo and Ducky, and of course the folks at, happy kid over here.

  • Great keyboard, it's perfectly portable without sacrificing keys, and the key caps and build quality feel super premium. My only complaint would be that it is difficult to open up and I can't find any guides, but that shouldn't be a concern if you don't plan on opening it.

  • This is my first 65% keyboard and my first Cherry MX brown keyboard. I have used a Corsair K70 with MX reds for the last 3 years with a few issues of not knowing not press the key switched down far enough, which has been fixed by the use of brown switches.

    The keyboard by its's self is a solid 5 out of 5. The PVT key caps fell fanatics compared to ABS used on other keyboards. They have really nice texture feeling that help grip as you type and keep your WASD where they need to be during gamining. The Cheery Browns let you know when the key has been pressed with out being to intrusive, granted if you are used to any light linear switch they will start to tire you fingers for the first couple of days. I am liking the 65% layout as I was quiet tentative of using a 60% keyboard, hence why I never purchased one. This layout give addition of the arrow keys, huge win in my book, along with the delete and page up/down keys. They have also removed the top row of functions keys give the key a to small present compare to a full layout that I am used to but have grown to greatly appreciated. Even though they have removed keys they have given clear marks on other keys on bottom of the key caps facing to just use the function key to use. Granted they have also removed the function key on the left side, with I was used to using, and only leaving the right function key. This keyboard also has white back light, witch I think complements the board extremely nicely. It allows you to see the legends, for the most part, in a completely dark room. It came in really nice being my first 65% board. Also the crisp printing across the boards looks amazing and the colors all tie together so nicely.

    I do have to give it a few criticism though. The biggest issue I have with this keyboard was that out of the box the number were not set to default but rather the functions key when you were to hit the top row. Because of this I had to hook up my old keyboard to log into my computer, since it kept saying my password was incorrect. If you have this issue you need to hold function while hitting up/down on you arrow keys, I was told up down by Googling it but my keyboard needed function UP to change the top row to standard without hold function to use the numbers. Also I do the the included full desk mat but I would love to be able to buy they keyboard without it and the stuff panda to save $20 to $30!!!! They are a nice inclusion but I thing be able to but with out would give the option to buy this great keyboard to other they not be willing / able to purchase with the inclusion of these products.

    Over all I would rate this keyboard a 5 out of 5, but the package as a whole 4 out of 5. That is unless you really like pandas!!!

  • I have been using this keyboard for a few weeks now.

    very solid and smooth feel; I wake up in the morning wanting to type on it
    great build quality
    great key layout for work on a Mac
    escape key is closer for vim
    beautiful and very top shelf packaging; leaves me a bit conflicted about whether I want to bin it
    - LED lighting is rubbish as you don't really see it and it does not show evenly behind all the keys
    - the space bar sounds a bit plonkish and different from the other keys, though using an o-ring on it has helped somewhat
    - it's quite tall. I have to use a wrist rest rest to avoid getting sore wrists. That may just be my bad posture though.
    - the green keycaps aren't as bright as in the photos, think olive rather than bright green. They make the keyboard theme look like military camouflage rather than cute jungle which is a bit of a shame. I ended up ordering a Varmilo black on dark grey keycap set to replace them.

    I tried the Ducky Onetwo 2 before getting this one and wasn't impressed. This one feels amazing though. Overall very much recommended.

  • I've never had a custom keyboard, the last keyboard I bought was a Ducky One 2 Mini. The Miya Pro is the butteryest keyboard I've ever touched, I mean the keycaps say single shot PBT but feels better than any double shot I've felt. They're the same size as a key on any other board, but somehow feel bigger, I can't explain it. The switches are so smooth, like pressing down on a blanket or cloud with just enough actuation to still feel like a key on a keyboard made by mankind. The stabilizers don't rattle, budge or squeak at all, the same buttery smoothness as the rest of the keys. They don't feel like ordinary keys, I'm just extremely amazed, basically blown away and wish I got a Varmilo or something high quality years ago. I now have a problem because every other keyboard I'll use will make me think "eugh," even the One 2 Mini doesn't come close. I didn't think Miya would be much better, but it is. The only real gripe I have is lack of programmability. You can visit to download Varmilo's Miya software that comes in Chinese, and poke through it to switch to English. It allows macros, or enable "gaming mode" to be able to permanently alter one key to be another key/media key, . I changed my pgup/pgdown to be volume up/down, when I want to use pgup/pgdown I have to use the software again. I think it's a small trade off for beautiful quality typing. Other than that, the backlit is white only and doesn't shine through, but the dark green letters on white keycaps is visible enough in low light situations, and I think the backlight is supposed to compliment that instead of shining through. Here's hoping it will stand the test of time. I would rate it 4 stars because I dislike the software and the "meh" backlight, however I love the key feeling so I'll give it 5/5.

  • I take back a portion of my previous review. The backlight does work while the keyboard is in Mac mode. The light is handled using the "Mac's multi-media keys" for keyboard brightness on the keyboard. The Windows Mode-Backlight adjustments (full backlit and breathing) seem to be exclusive to the keyboard's Windows Mode, BUT that does not matter to me. 5/5 now. Also, it seems like reactive effects is not an option but it is okay. Love this keyboard!

  • Terrible. Shift key broke within 2 months. Kept jamming and was very difficult to press down.

  • It's amazing

  • This keyboard was a big surprise to me. The small size was what i was looking for in an on-the-go keyboard that I could bring to events or in the work place. Its very sturdy and the fact that it's heavy keeps it locked into place. The panda plushy and desk mat were nice added bonuses.
    I ordered the Cherry MX Red Switches which have worked wonders for me as linear switches. And the material and the feel of the key-caps just feel great. Also the thing that really had me sold about this keyboard was the fact that it is a 68% keyboard, so the addition of the arrows, Insert, Deleete, PgUp, and PgDown keys was a huge plus for me, because I noticed alot of "60%" keyboards don't have these keys and if they do like the Ducky Mini it's all crammed together and I like some of these keys to have some space from the typing zone. If you're looking for a small size keyboard I would recommend this.

    Somethings that might concern others. It's not quite noticeable but as you type you might hear this ringing sound it's very faint but noticeable if you really listen to it. There are only 2 angled positions for the board. Either completely flat or at the fixed kick-stand, it's not like other ducky keyboards where they have 2 different types of kick stands. The back-lighting is barely noticeable unless you're in a dark room. Sometimes I just have it completely off or all they way on. The brightness settings don't really vary, it's either you're going to have it all the way up or just completely off. Since the key-caps that it comes with are not backlit you'll just see light in between the gaps of the keys. If you're not too keen on the Desk-mat & Panda Plushy, you may be better off ordering the other Miya Keyboards since they are cheaper by about $30-40 USD.

  • Best keyboard I've ever owned! Keycaps feel sick! The brown switches are perfect! The size of the board and the LEDs are amazing! I don't need another board after this one but I'm still thinking about getting another! 10/10!!!
    The added gifts that come with it are also very nice :)

  • I ordered a returned miya pro sakura and got a new miya pro panda instead

  • I picked this up after seeing a few on the mechanical keyboards subreddit. It's an interesting middle ground between a TKL and a genuine 60% because it retains the arrow keys and a quadrant on the top right.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with it. The keycaps have a great feel, and the audible feedback is excellent (I'm using MX Browns). It's a great peripheral for travel because it fits snugly in a backpack or briefcase, and its sturdy construction puts my mind at ease that it will survive a brief journey in a soft case.

    The desk mat, plushy, and overall aesthetic are an added bonus. When you pull this keyboard out, people are sure to notice. It has a lovely, relaxed look that can add a little zen to your workspace no matter where you take it.

    I'd say the price is right on the money. It's less a Ducky KB than a Varmilo one based on its looks, and that's a good thing in this case. I definitely feel like I got a Varmilo-quality KB spending less than I would on their typical product line. If you're looking for an above-average traveling TKL or 60% with a unique look in this price range, you can't go wrong here.

  • My first mechanical keyboard. Love the feel of it with the MX browns. Looks great, dig the accents and swag that came with > deskpad, plush panda.

    Currently looking for my second keyboard already.

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