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Outemu Black

  • Linear
  • 65G force
  • MX stem
  • Outemu
A heavier keyswitch with up and down linear motion, and no tactile feedback. Can be good for typing, but most heavy-handed gamers love this style of switch.

User Reviews

August 19, 2021
  • Gaming 8
  • Typing 8
  • Balance 8
epic and awesome
June 15, 2021
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 7
  • Balance 7
I was a membrane user back then so this has become my first mechanical keyboard switch, it wasn't that difficult for me to get used to it since I am a heavy handed user and its darn good on games, especially FPS. Typing on the other hand made me type tiny bit slower compared to the membrane, probably because of its required force. Overall, its a good switch to start if you are a membrane user
December 29, 2020
  • Gaming 3
  • Typing 5
  • Balance 4
These are heavy. I find my self always letting go of shift while playing games like CSGO and Valorant because of the force required. Typing on the other hand it is very good, but the spacebar makes a loud clamp sound that can be very annoying
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