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Topre Silent 45g

  • Linear
  • 45cN force
  • Topre stem
  • Topre

User Reviews

October 29, 2020
  • Gaming 8
  • Typing 10
  • Balance 10
I have enjoyed using cherry Mx browns and kalih box browns but these take the cake, They are not only light but also offer a surprising amount of tactility more so than Mx browns and box browns.
September 17, 2020
  • Typing 10
I’m not a gamer, I just type a lot for work (I’m an analyst not a programmer or anything) but wow these are amazing and so addicting type on and it sounds incredible. Even my coworkers have complimented the sound. It’s a great build, solid, and worth the price tag imho.
August 11, 2020
  • Typing 10
  • Balance 10
having typed all my life on cherry mx variants I am happy to type on topre 45g silents for the rest of my life.
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